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06/12/2018 10:55 PM 


1. Name up to taker. Last name should be Blake though. Playby: open. Species: witch. Little bio. Name is the mother of Athena. She is a witch who dabbled in the dark arts. When Athena was born, she had a twin. The twin was taken from a rival Wiccan clan. Thus leaving NAME without one child. She hates Athena because od this. (Though it’s not her fault.) and often abused her. When Athena was 16 she fell pregnant with a werewolves baby (she was still human.) when NAME found out she took the baby and gave her away to another family. At 17 Athena was turned and the first thing she did, was attack her parents. NAME, being a great witch. Used a protection spell and Athena fled. 100 years later NAME is still after Athena. She’s already killed Athena’s daughter (who turned into a vampire to find her mother.) as well as Athena’s boyfriend. Everything is pretty much open (besides the few things mentioned.). 2.Name/ open. Last name must be Blake though. Playby: Open. Species: Open. Name is The father of Athena. He was never around much and was a horrible father. After Athena was turned his wife was able to protect him. Years later he wants to make ammends and be a better dad. Everthing is pretty much open except the few things I’ve mentioned.


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