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June 20th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 25
Country: United States

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June 12, 2018



06/12/2018 06:57 PM 


  • No smut. Intimacy is fine.

  • No god-moding or autoing unless discussed prior.

  • Creativity is required. Laziness is unacceptable.

  • Literacy is a must.

  • Indicate whether you are speaking out-of-character or in-character.

  • Keep roleplay and OOC/chit-chat separate.

  • 1 love interest only. Once she's taken, she's taken. Same goes with choice of a pack.

  • Roleplay discussions must take place before a roleplay starts. Do not send random starters.

  • Roleplays must be, at minimum, 3 paragraphs and they must be done in 3rd person.

  • Be patient.
     - If I take more than 3 weeks to return to you, definitely feel free to ask what's going on if you wish.

  • Roleplay and real-life are separate. Do not confuse the two.

// Give me a gif of your character to show you've read my rules.


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