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September 15th, 2018

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Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 36
Country: United States

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December 13, 2016



06/12/2018 05:53 PM 

Read Before You Add.

This blog is specifically being created so people don't have to waste their time adding me and finding out I'm not opened to certain roleplays.

1. Mature is limited to relationships ONLY. Meaning just because my character is single doesn't mean I'm going to be doing it. Before you make assumptions, smut is limited to relationships for a reason. I just don't care about it at all. I get bored with smut fast, so it has nothing to do with "morals". Being in a relationship just gives it purpose and meaning. 

2. I don't just rush into relationships in roleplay either. A connection must be formed between the two characters, if there is no connection it will not happen. So saying "I want you" or "I like you" after 30 minutes of talking doesn't work with me.

3. Incest is a no for me. I don't care if you want a "mother" or "step-mother", I will not do it. They are both the same, blood doesn't make a family love does. 

4. I don't actually mind adding children. However, recently all I receive is a bunch of people just wanting to have sex with their mother or an older women. Britney LOVES kids. My character would never have any form of sexual contact with a child. If you're under the age of 21, don't add me if you have sex in mind.


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