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06/12/2018 03:55 PM 

Do's and Don'ts
Category: Guidelines
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I don't like to use the term 'rules' anymore, I feel like those years are long and truly passed. These are just a couple of what you can do and what you can't...but nothing too strict I hope!

  1. Do talk to me, about anything, we don't have to write off the bat if you haven't the time or have too many story lines going on already. I'm here to have a conversation with too.

  2. Send me a pre-made starter if you want to get the ball rolling, I'll try to adapt my response as best as I can to fit my character. To be honest I prefer this to discussing story lines as this has become stale for me as people seem to spend too much time talking about role playing rather than actually doing it.

  3. Let me know if you want to quit an RP, I won't be upset, I'll understand if you're not enjoying it or can't find the time to write anymore. Honestly I'd rather know than just have my efforts go to waste by not receiving a reply.

  4. Please let me know if anything mentioned in our role play is triggering so we can avoid it in future replies. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for both parties and I would hate to think that whoever I am collaborating with is feeling uncomfortable by the content of our story line.

  5. Please try your hardest if we are writing multi-para roleplays to give me a decent reply, it's a little demotivating when you send a long starter or response only to receive a few lines in return. Basically, make the effort and I will too.


  1. Don't add me but never bother talking to me, there's little point to being on each other's friend list otherwise. 

  2. Don't ever rush me for a reply, I'm a working adult outside of roleplay and have real life commitments which I have to put first. I always try to keep on top of what I owe, but replies might only be a weekend thing when I find some time to myself.

  3. Please don't ever assume anything which my character might do or say reflects the views of the mun. People are inherently problematic and my character will be no exception.

  4. No god-modding.

  5. No smut unless previously discussed, I'm not here to write pornographic scenes with people but I'm also not opposed to the mention of sex as long as it seems fitting that our characters go there.

  6. Don't assume that I am a single-story line roleplayer, I'm not. I'd rather have different connections with multiple characters rather than restrict myself to experiencing one type of relationship with one person. Primarily because people tend to disappear a lot easier these days, as soon as you set up a connection they bail and it's such a least that's been my experience.

  7. Don't be  a one likes her because she thinks she is too perfect to ever be humiliated, or faced with a dilemma, she's the tough pretty girl who everyone loves and those who don't are just terrible people.

  8. Don't judge a book by its cover. I'll write in pretty much any verse as long as it makes sense for my character to be I wouldn't expect to see her fighting alongside Superman, mainly because she doesn't have any superpowers. But I'll try to work with mostly anything.

  9.  As per rule 1 don't expect to stick around on my list forever if you never talk, I regularly do a clean out of people who have been there too long, are always online but never contact/reply. I don't mean respond to roleplays because I know those things can take time but it's not hard to respond to a greeting or simple conversation is it?

Please feel free to sign your name below if you have taken the time to venture over here and read these, but it's not necessary.


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