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06/12/2018 04:42 PM 

The little details. -Character-

Lily's cries were lost beneath the thunder that rolled overhead. It had woken her from another lost nightmare of a memory long ago. She etched her way over to the window, her long raven hair draping carelessly across her face in a chaotic mess as was her mind at the moment. In the distance she could see the lightening darting across the sky as the crackle followed behind setting her into a panic of uncontrollable sobs, placing her hands over her eyes trying to muffle it away. Suddenly the memories flashed.... 

Her brother's eyes widening as she looked down the barrel... 

She could see the change overtake him as they engulfed his small frame. His cries and screams still playing across her skin like the sharp edge of a dagger.. amber hues fading and cries for help falling his lips... 

Lily gripped the handle of the gun, feeling its pattern imprint itself on the palm of her hand.. Her fingertips gently squeezing the cool slick trigger crying out Ethan, the sharp sound echoing in her ears as the kick back nearly knocked her off her feet.

The attention of the walkers now diverted to her as she lay there on the floor. Her slender frame feeling as lifeless as her brother who laid there on the floor in a pool of blood. His body torn exposing the flesh and bone beneath. As they were approaching her she felt a moment of sweet surrender. Not wanting to live, not wanting to exist in a world of senselessness. But something inside of her screamed to run.Her feet gathered the message before her mind as they scuffled from underneath her. Her oceanic hues still trying to filter what just had happened. 

Soon she found herself running among the trees...Running... She doesn't think she ever stopped running in one form or another since that night...

She grew up in a rural town. Miles spread between homes and varies farms and the smell of fresh grass always filtered in the air. There was only two schools in town. One being for the younger students, where her brother Ethan went, and the other school for older children. Choices on a living were limited. Either you farmed as your parents did, worked in the local markets, or join the military. There was a local base in town that always scurried business up and kept the town buzzing. 
Lily's father stepped out on his family when she was only 8 years old and Ethan 4. Her was a known womanizer and alcoholic and felt her mother was holding him down having inherited the farm they owned from her parents. Her mother never recovered from this loss and more often then she admitted turned to the bottle herself leaving Lily to tend and care fro her brother and their farm. 
A few years later the farm was not bringing in the income as it once did, so Lily dropped out of high school at 16 years old and began waitressing at a local diner. It didn't pay much, but it put clothes on there backs and food on the table. As well as keeping the farm going more so in later years for personal use then profit. 
Her mother became rather abusive in her later years. Often lashing out in fits of rage at Ethan and Lily herself. Lily always protected her younger brother and her nights often leading to icing her new welt so no one would ask about them. 
She tried her best not to let the town folks know of there lives. Always putting on a brave smile, her crystal blue hues reflecting hope and innocence as nothing but the further could be true. 
To cope with her pain she turned to cutting. Often on her thigh so no one would know. This would soothe and calm her to sleep every night. The sharp blade piercing just the surface of the skin as she watched the crimson rise to the surface liking the taste of her own blood on her full lips at this point. It wasn't until she was 18 years old did that she turned to ink, pain therapy..... 
The sweet burn of the needle, the rumbling of the gun on her ivory skin left her feeling euphoric. It was the only high that she enjoyed, not really dabbling in much else. Her first tattoo.... the moon on her middle finger. She thought, always looking towards the moon, dreaming, with a big f*** you at the end. Her humor was often dark and twisted and she was known as being a wildfire. Her beauty was obvious, a wild dark horse not wanting to be tamed by anyone. She learned these lessons from her mother and preferred having the upper hand in things. Control. Always control.


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