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05/15/2018 10:53 PM 

TASK 48.


One. Celebrate rose season to the fullest: Riley is such a cliche when it comes to her drinking. She loves her pink wine and is so excited to get to break out the rose and have a major patio drinking day. Two. Visit Disneyworld with her friend Teddy. Riley and one of her good friends Teddy have been talking about Disneyworld and going on a trip together since they first started talking. Now, this summer is the perfect time to finally do that. Three. Spending more time with baby girl Haley. Riley has been best friends with Quinn since they were in grade school, and she wants to spend as much time as she can with Quinn's daughter, Haley. She is growing up so quickly and Riley wants to have as many memories with her as she can. Four. Host a major party for the Fourth of July. Riley is used to always having to spend the holidays with her mother at lavish banquets. However, this year, she just wants to drink too much beer and sing God Bless the USA and be #starspangledhammered Five. Find a new dog park for her dog Doodle. Riley has lived in New York her whole life, but has only taken Doodle to one of the dog parks because that is where he is most comfortable. Riley wants to take him somewhere new to get him to branch out and actually make dog friends. Six. Take a road trip along the West Coast, ending in San Francisco. Riley has always wanted to do a road trip, and she has heard great things about the West Coast. She wants to visit Portland, Yosemite, Big Sur, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and, of course, San Francisco. She has never really planned a road trip before, so she is really excited to see how it would go. Seven. Go see John Mayer in concert. Anyone who knows Riley at all knows that she has been, and always will be, obsessed with John Mayer. In her mind, he is the best artist of all time. He is touring this summer, and the first thing that Riley planned out was what day she could go see him. This date has been on her calendar for months. Eight. Finally get out of town and go somewhere tropical. Riley has been in New York all year and can't wait to get out for a little bit and just bum the day away on a beach. Plus, she wants to get a killer tan this summer, so why not do it somewhere with beautiful water? Mojitos with no limit also seems like a can't lose situation. Nine. Picnic in Central Park. Riley has lived in New York since birth, and has a yearly tradition that once it feels like Summer, she grabs all her friends and spends the day in Central Park. To her, it is a sign that Summer has officially begun and she always enjoys catching up with her closest loved ones. Ten. Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue. The only event that Riley enjoys on the Upper East Side is the yearly fundraiser for Memorial Day. She enjoys it because it is so low key and is just a simple barbecue with a silent auction. She still gets the open bar, but it is not in a stuffy ballroom and everyone is in a much better mood. Plus, she can duck out anytime she wants and can have burgers versus stuffed mushrooms or whatever. Eleven. Spend a Weekend in the Hamptons. New York Summer equals the Hamptons for people like Riley. Her family has a house up there, so her plan is to go for a weekend of drinking, bonfires and a lot of time in the sun. The people watching and the cute little boutiques are also fun to do during the majority of the day. Plus, they can always attempt to crash celebrity parties, which is always fun. Twelve. Attend a Yankee game. It's baseball season! Though Riley really doesn't care much for following baseball, there is always something so fun about making her way to the stadium. She gets to drink beer in public and be drunk yelling for no reason, which is the ultimate New Yorker. Plus, baseball players are super cute, so Riley could stare at them all dang day.


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