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⚔The Fallen⚔ Zach Hunter™

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May 22nd, 2018

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May 14, 2018



05/15/2018 06:36 PM 

⚔The Fallen⚔ : Vagabonds #1
Current mood:  adventurous

ach had gotten an alert on his phone from the command center. Sighing he lifted it up while driving and read it.

"Ghost town. Your direction."

Taking their truck full of supplies they headed to the gps location attached to the message. Zach floored it and put his phone back away. He would be more worried about it, if it wasn't for him being a monster of some kind with extreme healing factors and Wes being a vampire with demonic abilities and both of them just not giving a f*** in general.

He picked up his mountain dew from the cup holder,"We're headed to a ghost town. I'd say grab what you need but we're still like 45 minutes out."

Zach hit the auto pilot on their truck and got up to set a few things out.  He wanted this to be quick and concise and precise.He laid out his sniper rifle and two pistols as well as Wes's blessed blade and a couple guns that he may or may not use. He grabbed a bag of cheetos and tossed them up front while bringing back two foot long sandwiches from the fridge.

"Eat up now. Could be the last time for a bit." Zach said laughing.


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⚔The Fallen⚔ Wes™


Wes watched as the door was being dealt with and it would soon turn into nothing but rubble.  Wes reached to the sword on his back and pulled it toward and held it with one hand.  He held it for a moment and saw the ghouls coming out of it like locust.  

"I enjoy ripping them apart and watching limbs flying around.  I hope you are okay with me going close up.  You can stay back and shoot at them.  I trust you won't hit me."

Wes rarely fought with both hands on the blade, mainly because he had some pretty powerful punches and such against ghouls.  He stepped forward a few feet forward and soon dashed off into the ghouls to start hacking and slashing against them.

"If you hit me, make sure not to hit my head.  My pretty face would be damaged!"

He yelled out, though he was being a joker at the time.  He used his claymore to sever heads, limbs and all sorts of body parts.  He was also making sure to move at a speed that won't allow himself to be shot by the sniper.

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 19:23

⚔The Fallen⚔ Zach Hunter™


"OOOOOOOOOH." Zach said excitedly,"I think I'm getting a boner right now for them." He rolled his eyes. "For some reason I thought you just said you can smell ghosts...I'd say I'm losing my mind but its been gone. Maybe I should get my hearing checked."

He sniffed the air as well,"You're right. I do smell a faint scent of rotting corpses. I don't mean ours either." He joked. "Mmm..smells like hot garbage. Like someone ate and then threw up a can of trash." He placed the rifle back on his back and pulled one of his pistols out. Super human strength or not, he was always cautious. He even had super human healing at this point but didn't want to just use it for stupid shit..well if Jason was here he would.

"Caution for sure. Motion detectors are going nuts on the other side of those walls." He said as he got up close to the castle. "I'm gonna blow the door. Get ready to destroy."

Zach laid down some C4 and ran a fuse about ten feet away and lit it. He watched it as it traveled to the door. "3. 2. 1." A loud explosion cleared the door away and blasted inward whatever was coming out. He smirked as ghouls poured out from within.

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 19:13

⚔The Fallen⚔ Wes™


Wes watched as Zach fired upon the air, which he knew would be the trackers.  He knew Zach better than that and he was quite the sniper and quiet.  Wes then watched the area for a moment while scanning it for himself, his sharp eyes seeing it all.

"Whatever we are going to be fighting, it's not going to be good.  Only a few creatures can get past my sense of smell.  And one of those is apart of the code name for this place, ghosts.  I can sense spirits just fine, but only closer than we are now."

Wes began to walk once more after the detectors had been place in the area.  He continued to breath through his nose only, catching every single smell in the air.  Soon, he would get the smell of rotting corpses and sighed heavily.

"I smell something familiar.  Our favorite friends are somewhere near us.  Ghouls."

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 19:06

⚔The Fallen⚔ Zach Hunter™


"Don't even joke about that. Of course there is a damn spiral stair case. It's castle not a mansion they don't have elevators." He said laughing again."You gotta enjoy the work we do..its really helpful..I guess." He shrugged again.

Zach continued walking on while talking,"Yeah...we might find my sanity when we go in there. Now that would be truly different..and boring." He said patting his guns. "A little insanity is a spice that works for me."

He saw the castle come into full view minutes later,"Well here we go."

He removed the sniper rifle from his back,"Let's do this beautiful." As he peered through the scope looking around. He pressed a button on the sides switching ammo to trackers and shot into the walls.The sound was quiet and unnoticeable. He placed several in spots so if people walked by their detectors would go off. Their watches and his glasses equipped with motion detectors and tracking information.

"Just be cautious."

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 18:46

⚔The Fallen⚔ Wes™


Wes heard him talking about the movie series and simply laughed.  It was a terrible series, but he heard the games were just fine, at least.  He was never into the gaming scene, mainly because he was raised by a priest and focused more on his studies.  He began to walk along with Zach and spoke about the castle.

"A castle?  And this is the place we are going, too huh?  As long as it doesn't have a spiral staircase, I'll be fine.  Walking there is the best option still."

He heard Zach about the sandwiches and simply laughed.  He was in love with those apparently and it only made Wes laugh from the mentions.  He placed his hands inside of his coat pockets and sighed heavily.  

"I just have a bad feeling about all this.  Like we will find something different, for once."

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 18:37

⚔The Fallen⚔ Zach Hunter™


"You never known when a blood rain is gonna happen. The movie series never. But being drenched in blood from above is a huge chance for us. We have a weird job. Blood rain is common."  Zach looked at his watched, the looked through his sniper rifle quickly,"I don't know fifteen minutes walking in like bad asses or seven minutes rushing in like idiots. Both are fine choices."

Zach satrted walking towards their destination seeing large towers in the distance coming into view. What was he to do here? Storming castles was never the greatest thing but who knew maybe this would go better for them.

"Castles. Gold room. Money. Millions of turkey sandwiches." He said laughing while walking slowly so Wes could takea few moments to catch up. "Let's get going...again."

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 18:23

⚔The Fallen⚔ Wes™


Wes laughed a bit when she spoke about having a talking sword and such, good thing that was only in cartoons.  He then got out of the truck along with Zach, once he was talking to command about the truck.  His sword was now attached to his back from the sheath he always carried on him.  He looked over at Zach and nodded.

"Umbrella, right.  Because I'm a vampire from blood rayne, the movie."

He laughed a bit and sniffed the air for a moment.  He hoped that this smell would go away in time, the smell of the truck's issue was within his senses and somewhat blocking them, it was a little strong.  He sighed heavily and began to walk in the direction they had been driving.  

"Did you happen to catch how long of a walk we have?"

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 18:15

⚔The Fallen⚔ Zach Hunter™


"Probably won't be sulfur when you die, if you catch my drift. I  probably wouldn't want your drift though." Zach made a smelly hand motion."Peee...ewww..." He laughed.

Zach caught his little spoken accident,"You should never wear a talking sword, they'll just keep stabbing you with their words  while calling it a blessing when its a curse." He blinked for a moment while looking up,"...right...ghoul per usual.We need new enemies."

Looking around he saw the mountains and new they were close enough when he felt the rumbling of the truck shutting off and slowing down. "Here we go." Zach got up and grabbed his sniper rifle and strapped it to his back, pistols; holstered,  and knives; sheathed. 

Angrily he kicked the door open on the side and walk down the steps, he tapped his ear piece,"Hey command. Lock down these  coordinates. Pick up  your piece of shit."

"Can do, Alpha. Do you need a ride?"

"No we'll walk. We're getting fat anyway." Zach shrugged.

"Over and out."

"Alright. Let's get walking, Wes. Grab an umbrella if necessary." He said laughing. 

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 18:11

⚔The Fallen⚔ Wes™


"Who knows what will happen if I die.  Do I turn into dust like a vampire or do I burn up in flames like some demons?  I doubt I'm going to shit myself at least."

Wes laughed a bit, watching him going back over to the front of the truck once more and singing along with the radio.  He shook his head, even hearing him speaking to his gun like it was a real person.  He chuckled lightly and shook his head.  

"And I thought I was wearing talking to my sword, but that's because I bless it with incantations."

Wes sat down beside of Zach once more and stared out of the window to see their surroundings.  It was getting closer, wherever they were going.  A mountain range was all around them now, and Wes could smell the truck's little problem.

"Fan-fucking-tastic.  Yeah, we did just have it repaired after that last ghoul attack."

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 17:48

⚔The Fallen⚔ Zach Hunter™


"I'm pretty sure when I die other people are gonna shit themselves and I won't." He sighed,"Shit, I'm gonna be the only one who isn't shitting themselves. I'll shit myself just in case." Zach said being ridiculous and crazy as per usual. He took another bite of his sandwich and chilled for a moment again. "I'm gonna shit a turkey sandwich when I die."

Zach propped his feet up on the dash and turned the radio on. Sighing he started singing a long with it,"It's gonna be may.." He shoved the last bit of his sandwich in his mouth,"The radio sucks. Doesn't it baby?" He said talking to the rifle.

"Yeah it is."  A voice in his head responded.

"That's what I thought." Zach said aloud talking to himself.

He sniffed the air,"Do you smell that? Something smells weird...don't tell me our state of the art mobile fortress is having a god damned problem? Didn't we just repair this recently?" He rolled his eyes.

Posted on Sat May 19, 2018, 16:41


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