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05/15/2018 02:33 PM 

ooc message to all;

I'm home now after a week in a hospital (can't believe it's been that long) and...I have just a few things I wanna say.

1- I have no problem sharing anyone out. I mean, that seems to be the only way to actually get people to add you. So I'm all for it and I will share ANYONE at ANYTIME they need it. The only thing I ask...common courtesy. I post my own "share status" at least once a day's not hard to find. And honestly, I think this should apply to ANYONE. If someone shares your "share status", you should have the common courtesy to share theirs.

2- Im mobile 24/7. What this means is that I CAN'T do groups and unless someone links me to a journal they want me to see, I won't just go view bulletins. This means that I can only do 1x1 storylines in comments, though I prefer messages. Also, Ive done RPGs but never groups like you guys do. So all that is new to me. Also, it's kind of hard to write multi-para when mobile so...I prefer things to stick to para OR I expect paitience.

3- speaking of things that are new to me....these are the weekly things ive heard of; ManCrushMonday, ToplessTuesday, WomanCrushWednesday, FancyFriday, and SexySaturday. All these other ones you guys are doing...Im just now seeing. Same with "drabble" and "1x1". Its like a whole new lingo in this verse and...Im getting used to them. Although, I WILL say that MuseCrushMonday is a FANTASTIC idea (because you can feature more than one person), and drabbles are basically sample posts so....those are always a great thing.

4- I am VERY slow to reply. In fact, sometimes it takes me WEEKS to reply to things. It honestly all depends on my muse. So just because I'm on and sharing statuses doesn't mean I'm in the mood to write. (I've seen people use this same excuse and it worked for them so...hopefully it will for me, too).

5- I have read EVERY comic book that Venom has been featured in. I have seen EVERYTHING Venom has been featured in. And just recently, I read up on 2 wikipedia pages (one for Eddie Brock and one for Venom). So EVERYTHING under "abilities" and "weaknesses" is what I have gathered. NONE of them are made up. At the same time, I have added my own twist to Eddie. Point CAN tell me I'm wrong about Venom, but I will just ignore you. Not to be a bitch, but because I know my stuff. And you WILL NOT tell me how I should play Eddie.

6-Contrary to how it seems, I LOVE to write. So if you have a storyline in mind, come to me. Also...I prefer to actually DISCUSS storyline ideas rather than put one out there and then we either agree to it or disagree.

7- Pic4Pic is still a thing to me so...let's make that happen.

8- If we ARE writing a storyline, I prefer to leave chit chat and ooc talk in opposite areas. For example, if we are writing a storyline in messages, I prefer to chit chat and ooc talk in comments. Vice versa as well.

9- I have Line and Discord. Also open for storyline discussion, ooc talk, chit chat, or small unrelated storylines. Want them? Ask for them.

10- I don't like drama. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder. BPD simply means that I'm severely mentally f***ed and have a little bit of EVERY mental illness imaginable. Point is....I don't like drama and don't handle it well. So please don't bring any to me. And if someone says something about me, at least let me give my side before you just abandom me.

That is all that I wanted to say and honestly, it was more than I wanted to. And contrary to how this may seem, I SWEAR I'm VERY friendly ooc. I have people that I can link you to that can vouch for me. I guess these are just my little guidelines and...everyone has some. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you guys will accept me in this verse and enjoy writing with me. I look forward to writing with you all...and I give EVERYONE a chance.

XOXO Riley.


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