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04/16/2018 01:08 PM 

He Ain't Heavy

" he ain’t heavy " very long time ago

The cluster of Seraphim were gathered along the main road in heaven.   The golden skies overhead sheltered these young angels that would one day be leaders among the lesser angels that were still being created even now by God himself.   The smallest of these Seraphim was a fledgling named Castiel.   His shock of dark hair covered eyes that were as blue as the skies in heaven itself. Dark raven wings protruded from his back and he rushed to keep up with the others.

He had to work harder than his other brothers and sisters.  Things that were easier to them were hard to Castiel because of his size.   As hard as he struggled, the bigger his heart was.   Castiel never quit.   He would never quit.

Running along that golden path in heaven, he stumbled and fell in a most unflattering matter that a fledgling could ever fall.   After the others ran off from him, he slowly picked up himself off the ground.  His wings were all shuffled losing a feather or two in the process.  His halo slid forward to be slightly askew amidst that fluffy ebony tufts of hair.     

He started to run forward again when he bumped into something…or rather someone.   Little Castiel fell flat on his rump again.   This time he looked upward to meet the gaze of someone that made his heart jump.   “G-Gabriel?”   The small voice barely eked out from tiny lips.   He was an archangel!  Was he going to be cross with Castiel for this?   He sincerely hoped not.


En route to the Men of Letters Bunker

Castiel sincerely hoped that what Sam had told him was true.  He’d not been there when Lucifer had killed Gabriel.  The guilt surrounding the apparent death of the archangel who had been his mentor and father figure had left a huge void in his heart that he couldn’t quite fill.  Seeing him in Metatron’s illusion had brought about that deep profound longing more than anything in the world.  Gabriel meant so much to him and of course Metatron would know all about that being the Scribe of God and everything.

Sam met Castiel as he arrived at the bunker.  “I’m glad you’re here, Cas.”   The hunter was taller than Castiel in his vessel.   He seemed a bit worried in his appearance and in how he’d spoken to Castiel.   “You’re going to need to brace yourself.   He’s not looking well Cas.   I mean, seriously.”

Castiel stopped in his tracks as he was making his way toward where the rooms were in the inner recesses of the bunker.   He glanced backward at the hunter with an upraised brow.   “Well, he’s likely to have been in quite a battle or something of that nature.”   The Seraph was trying his best to keep his emotions in check by concentrating on the positives.   Gabriel was alive.  That’s all that mattered.

Sam took Castiel by the arm and shook his head.  “Cas, he’s pretty banged up.  Asmodeus had him and siphoned him for his grace.”    He wanted to brace his long time friend for what he was about to see in there.  It wasn’t going to be pretty.

Castiel could sense the concern from Sam coming off him in waves.  “I’m sure it’s going to be alright Sam.”    Truth was, if he was hurt too badly there was no real way for Castiel to heal him.   Gabriel was an ARCHANGEL.  He was obviously not.   Castiel stood outside the door to the room where Sam had stashed The Trickster.   Bracing himself for only a moment longer, he twisted the doorknob and walked inside.


Castiel stood there for only just a brief moment.  Years ago when he was just a fledgling in the fields and golden skies of heaven, it was this Archangel that he’d looked up to more than the others.  Gabriel was so handsome with this huge golden wings and friendly smile.  Gabriel used to do things just to lift his spirits when he was a small angel and he felt like nothing else was going to matter.

Optics the color of the perfect sapphires softened.  Gabriel looked as though he’d been badly beaten.  The dried blood on his countenance and the disheveled hair were a far cry from who he once was.  This was only a mere shell of the Archangel that carried the horn that was known throughout the ages.   Etched with sadness, Castiel’s gaze had changed so dramatically from all those years ago.    “Can you do anything for him Cas?”  Asked Sam with a soft voice as he stood in the doorway.

Castiel placed a hand on Gabriel’s forehead.  He used his powers to try and reach inside there if he could.   “He’s an archangel, Sam.  I can’t heal him.”   A light glow emanated from the younger angel’s fingertips.   He wasn’t going to be able to hear him, but he wanted to try something else.   Castiel tried to get a message in through the pain and confusion that was happening to the archangel.   Hopefully he could possibly hear it.

Gabriel, it’s me, Castiel. Please come back to me.  I need you.   Gabriel… please.   Castiel had not averted his gaze from the archangel with hopes that the sincerity of his message would not be questioned.

It was a plea of a child to its father in every sense of the word.  No, Gabriel wasn’t actually his father, but he’d taken up the mantle of being a father figure to him.    Gabriel was his big brother.   Castiel suddenly felt like a fledgling again.   His relationship with Gabriel meant as much to him as Sam and Dean’s did to each other.

He would do anything to get his brother back.

Dean: "An angel, with a capital "A". You know, Wings, Harp."Castiel: "No, I don't have a harp"


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