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August 5th, 2018

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April 14, 2018



04/15/2018 08:26 PM 


1. I am not Amber Heard. She's a playby meaning I use her to portray the character

2. I rp Cornelia from WITCH comics. She's a guardian of earth. She can control plants, wood, metal you name it. She can control plants just like Poison Ivy except Cornelia isn't poisonous.

3. When you rp with me, please Please don't start off with trying to rip her clothes off. She's not an object. I'm not here for sex. I come here to write. If she was in a relationship, maybe. But not now.

4. Keep ooc drama off the page! I don't need that on here.

5. There will be times I keep things in character or out of character. But mostly in character. Don't mix up RL with rp.

6. As of right now Cornelia is single. If anyone wished to discuss a storyline between our characters to be together, let me know. For now not right this minute.

7. I do multi para to novella. I am practicing novella. Patience is required. If I send a multi para type response, understand I am doing my best.

8. We all have lives outside roleplay. I work five days a week, almost 8 hours a day. If you see my light on, it means I'm checking in. 

9. I don't do the whole I add, I start, you add, you start thing. How can we do discussions? I'm open with people. 

10. If you sign, quote your character would say to mine.

I'll add more when things come up. Let's write!!


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