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04/15/2018 06:10 PM 

Ted Tonks/ Prompt Reply, Headcanon

Ted tonks. Nymphadora

She sat there her head pressed against the window on the train ride back from her fifth year. The condensation cool against her skin. She eyed the droplets of water that were on the other side as specks sliding down against the speed of the train. It was beginning to rain and just like her mood, it was all grey.  She pursed her lips as her she heard a student sitting beside her turn a page from the book he was reading. Everyone in her compartment was silent. The silence was deafening and it allowed the memories she was trying to push away- rummage in her mind.

She didn’t make Prefect, she wasn’t never going to be a singer or an Auror it seemed. Her knack for getting in trouble was catching up to her. When she mentioned she wanted to be a singer when Bill Weasley had mentioned that his friends new band, the Weird Sisters, were looking for a singer. Though it turned out they were looking for a male singer, it busted her bubble. She pushed it aside as a pipe dream, she really wanted to be an Auror anyways. Ever since second year, when her friend Delilah never came back from summer break. It was weeks until she found out that her family was strike down by a werewolf or werewolves. Delilah, her father, and brother all died. Her mother survived but was so shaken and shattered from the devastation, she was sent to St. Mungo’s after that she no longer knew what happened to her.

It was hard at first when she was there, they were like two peas in a pod. Delilah was a bright, plump, pig tailed girl. Nice and cheery. They stuck together in everything they did in and out of class. At the time she wasn’t skilled in controlling her metamorphic abilities. Her emotions run them, her hair would change colors during class, while she was eating, while was dreaming in her sleep. Whenever she got scolded or was concentrating very hard. Her classmates thought it was funny.  It wasn’t till her third year when she made fun of another student, turning into them and giving them a pig snout that her peers thought highly of her gifts.  It was apparent she had knack for being the class clown. People didn’t make fun of her when they were laughing with her.

Though, every so often when she was alone she would think of her friend Delilah. What kind of witch she could have been? Her family could have been? Would she create something to change lives? Would she would have had a family of her own? Would they still be friends? She would toss and turn on her dorms bed imagining all the possibilities her friend could have made if she had only lived. If creatures like, vampires and werewolves weren’t roaming around creating havoc and stealing lives from people. She didn’t want to feel like that again, she didn’t want others to feel like that again. She wanted to protect people, help them out. Deep down that’s all she wanted to do, all she wanted to feel- was to feel useful.

She felt useful being able to make people laugh, soon she had a new group of friends and many of them were willing to get into cahoots with her when she wanted to pull off a prank. Most of her pranks were harmless. Most on her classmates, a few on her professors. The scolding Professor Sprout gave when she was truly upset made Professor McGonagall seem compassionate. Of course, there wasn’t really nothing to compare when she pulled one over on Professor Snape either. Though, it seemed Dumbledore would step in once in a while and give some leniency when Professor Snape poured on the detention. That was the thing she was always in detention and when she told her friends she wanted to be an Auror, they all laughed. None of them believed her, none of them supported her. It was like a stab in the back. An accidental stab in the back but a painful one still.

Tonks sighed her breath fogging up the window. Memories of Professor Sprout’s warning about cleaning up her act if she really wanted to be an Auror lingered. “You could have been a Prefect if you behaved yourself more,” rang in her head. It was depressing and the stupid students in this compartment were just as irritating being all quiet and peaceful. Tonks forced herself up and made her way out to find a livelier compartment. It seemed Gryffindor knew how to have fun at least. She thought when she found her way towards the snack trolley. She bought herself a chocolate frog and sat in one where a couple of Ravenclaw girls where chatting merrily about things they wanted to do in the summer. Summer, Tonks smiled as she remembered she continue her Jiu Jitsu class again, fly on her broomstick, listen to music, garden with her mother and fish with her father.

Soon the train slowed to a stop as the breaks squealed to a halt in Kings Cross. There she would get off, see her mother or father waiting. There she would tell them what happened, how no one believed in her dreams, that no thought she could become an Auror. Where she would cry silently in her father’s arms and listen to his words of encouragement. "I don't believe that and neither should you."

" FYI Don’t call me Nymphadora "


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