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Obligatory Rules
Category: Guidelines

obligatory rules

i'm not really strict with these but they might be helpful.

admin - Admin and character are 18+, so there you go for anyone that wishes to know. I'm from the UK, so of course, a UK timezone. Again, not really important but hey to anyone else that's from there too. I adore Gotham so much, that is why I chose to make this character.
character - My character is based on an original idea of mine but I use various 'Alices' from comics. I do have faceclaims, I'm just in the middle of deciding who will be the non comic version for her. She is the daughter of Nathaniel Barnes from Gotham which is my main verse. 'Alice' is her other personality that Jervis planted whilst in hypnosis. Most of the time Alyson hasn't got a clue at what 'Alice' is up to. Whilst Alice is somewhat of a villain, Alyson is pretty normal. This idea isn't set in stone just yet, I may change it not entirely sure if I will.
crossovers -  Even though my main verse is Gotham, I'll write with everyone. Marvel, DC Comics etc. Just be aware that I'm fairly new to the DC Comics world so therefore don't know every character out there.
mature content / nsfw -   I must say before I delve deeper via the backstory, my character won't be sleeping around or be involved with anyone romantically that she doesn't know. My character has been involved in abuse - I won't elaborate incase it's triggering to people but you get the idea and this is simply why I won't write it with random people.
relationships -  When it comes to relationships / friends, Alyson is always looking for some. The person she is most close to is James Gordon due to her work. I'm always up for having mains & connections. That being said, due to my backstory a Jervis Tetch would be lovely.
storylines / writing - I reply when I can. OOC sometimes takes over and it's just not possible. Nor does people's abilities to write. I'm adaptable except when it comes to novella (I can't possibly write that much in one go). Literacy isn't really that important to me, as long as you can string a sentence together.


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