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Wyatt Halliwell

Last Login:
April 23rd, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 24
Country: United States

Signup Date:
April 14, 2018



04/15/2018 11:01 PM 


Wyatt seems to exhibit a very optimistic view on the world, a trait that he learned from his mother (something that Paige laughed at). Wyatt, like his aunt Phoebe, seems to have a problem holding back the truth. However despite his optimistic attitude, Wyatt can be outright intimidating and aggressive when someone is threatening the people he cares about and will be merciless in battle. Wyatt often senses and feels things which other less sensitive folk miss. He is very mysterious whenever you think you know him he shows another side of himself. He is a very observant guy and senses things coming before it actually happens because he picks up on this energy. he is also emotional at times which makes him more vulnerable for influence.  


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