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Kaydel Ko Connix

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July 18th, 2018

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January 29, 2018


03/13/2018 03:57 PM 

Casual Meeting

Casual MeetingKaydel ko connix and rebellious princess
Waiting for an answer to her knock, Kaydel wasn’t really sure what to expect. She knew nothing of this mission they were to go on, but also knew better than to question too much. As the General had said, she would explain everything in due time. Leia was never one to leave anyone in the dark if there were things they needed to know. Just as she was never one to give unnecessary information to anyone who didn’t need to know. It was one of the many things Kaydel respected about her. Growing up around the woman had given her a hearty respect and admiration for her and she took those feelings to heart, trying to do and be the best she could be and striving to never disappoint.

She didn’t shift her weight or show impatience in any other form. Stoicism and calm were her fallback appearances and she hardly ever faltered from that, especially lately. An officer to the core, she knew how important appearances could be sometimes and that always rested in the back of her mind. Patience was also not an issue as waiting was often something she had to do. She didn’t enjoy it, but it didn’t make her antsy or irritated as it did many other people.

When the door was pulled open, she offered a tentative smile, not entirely sure what the mood of the moment would be. She was relieved when it was returned and Leia seemed pleased to see her and even complimented her. “I’m always willing to learn new things.” She confirmed. To learn, to progress, to help where she could. “Admiral Verlaine was always a great teacher.” She inclined her head modestly. Evaan had actually become much more than that. A teacher, a mentor, a sort of mother figure. But, those weren’t things that you told your superiors, even if you were the type who could find the right words for such things. Which she was not.

Following the older woman to the table, she did not immediately take a seat, Leia’s next words giving her pause. “Yes, Breha and I are…close.” It was no secret, after all. Rumors abounded around the Base about the two of them. She really didn’t understand how some people had nothing better to do than to discuss other peoples’ love lives. It wasn’t like there wasn’t enough to do around here to keep them busier than that. She studied Leia for a moment, briefly wondering if she approved or disapproved of such a thing or had heard what people were saying, speculating about the pairing. She didn’t think Leia would listen to gossip – often the subject of just that herself – but, it was hard to tell.

“I’m sure she would help. She just needs to be given something to do.” She offered another small smile as she finally did move to sit. Breha needed to be busy, to have something constructive – good or bad – to do as much as everyone else, so it wasn’t hard to say that she would take on an assignment if it was given and know that it was true.

Reaching for the offered tea, her thoughts returned to assignments and the reason for this meeting. She still had no idea what it was. But, Leia wasn’t upset or rushing, so it couldn’t be anything too terrible, right? She was so used to last minute orders and calls and fighting, death and destruction, that she wasn’t entirely sure how to handle a more leisurely issue. If that was even what this really was.

“Thank you.” She murmured, bringing the cup to her lips to take a sip of the beverage as she waited for whatever was to come next. More small talk? And explanation? Something else? She would just have to wait and see.


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