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March 21st, 2018

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March 10, 2018


03/13/2018 02:43 PM 


One, I do not partake in roleplays that are below multi in length. I thrive for detail and would like the same in my writing partners. Quality is great, but I also like quantity, too.

Two, My character has committed various sins. He killed for his country, kills for himself, tortures others, and so forth. I do not require trigger warnings. Whatever you have, I can handle. And while my character may not be a cannibal rapist, I do expect everyone who writes with me to be mature and accepting of darker material.

Three, I delete mutes very quickly. Either initiate conversation if you have requested me or leave. When it comes to replies, I am infinitely patient. 

Four, Connections which are intricate and well discussed are welcomed. Leon still needs a lot of connections, and I do have some roles I would like filled.


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