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03/13/2018 10:04 PM 

Fallen and Doiemdes

Hatred is King
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A long time ago before there was ever a devil or monster there was a son. A son like all sons a son that loved his parents and loved his family. He was named Diomedes. He was a so long ago a kind heart one that loved his family and his youngest brother Darkiplier. He was the good son the son that loved everything and it all changed when their mother left without a word during evening hours. Diomedes personality changed and he became something far more uncontrollable and would soon define the reality of darkness and hatred.

But before he could unleash his plans Dark stopped him and while Dark was a younger brother he was more powerful in the sense of powers against darkness and with that Doiemdes was cast out of the Anti realm and for the next eighty-five thousand years, he walked many paths. He became what he was turning into. He devoured cities and words in his hate and made mankind bitter and angry and flawed. That gave fall to Lucifer the archangel and soon Diomedes and Lucifer would finally meet face to face. A meeting that Lucifer was never going to be ready for.

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Lucifer had never meet his very own darkness or what truly lived within him that made his hate so strong or anger so great. But he was about to as Lucifer would soon find himself in a feild where he would see a man standing there....Must be a demon or something!

But it wasn't as the man turned lucifer would know that face and that feeling the man gave off. He knew him from stories Dark would tell him about the great Monster known as doiemdes.

"Hello....Lucifer....Shall we chat?" smirked the devil as he came closer as thunder boomed overhead as Lucifer would notice all creation seemed to stop and freeze within time itself. Only they moved only they walked....but that was dangerous.

"Still helping my weakling of  abrother are we?" he asked as he seemed to circle around the devil looking him over slightly with a smirk.

"Oh man if i had that body Lucifer it would be interesting to see what I could do. But I shall take the body i have now" laughed amused as he stopped right in front of him and smirked gently.

"You can't run from me Lucifer....I am you.....I am that darkness that slithered into your skin and created the fall. I was there when you crashed and burned. I rose you up and placed you upon a throne and this is how you repay me? By trying to destroy me? to destroy me is to destroy yourself Lucifer.....and we both know......You don't have it in you to let go of it" grinned dangerously as thunder boomed sharply as lightning crackled.



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