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First and foremost, Cosmic Ghost Rider is (as his name suggests) another Spirit of Vengeance. Thus the powers and abilities belonging to The Riders are, for the most part, identical to those Cosmic Ghost Rider wields. All Riders do seem to have at least a few abilities which only the individual possesses though. Cosmic Ghost Rider's have yet to be seen as of writing this (by all means correct me if I'm wrong). The powers/abilities which all of The Riders share are as follows:

The Ghost Rider is a human who can transform into a skeletal superhuman wreathed in ethereal flame and given supernatural powers. The motorcycles he rides can travel faster than any conventional vehicle and can perform such seemingly impossible feats as riding up a vertical surface, across water surfaces and leaping across great distances that normal motorcycles cannot. The Ghost Riders are virtually indestructible and notoriously hard to injure by any conventional means, as bullets and knives usually pass through them without causing pain (knives are seen to melt while in their body). It is possible that they are genuinely immortal, as it is said that God created them and only God can destroy them. Despite being composed of bone and hellfire, the Ghost Riders possess formidable superhuman strength, enough to easily pick up a truck and hurl it across a road. A rough estimate for the weight limit is 25 tons, or 50,000 lbs.

Second, unlike all prior Riders (including other AU versions) Cosmic Ghost Rider has the moniker of Cosmic thanks, in no small part, to possessing some of The Power Cosmic. The odd energy which is typically seen under the influence of the Silver Surfer, or worse, Galactus! He received The Power Cosmic from Galactus himself upon becoming The Destroyer of Worlds' new herald. So far The Power Cosmic (as controlled by Silver Surfer) has been used for the following:

It grants him superhuman strength, endurance, and senses, as well as the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe's ambient energy. The Surfer can navigate through interstellar space and hyperspace, which he can enter after exceeding the speed of light. He has proven capable of time travel on several occasions, even able to make others time-travel with him.

The Surfer sustains himself by converting matter into energy; does not require food, water, air, or sleep (although he occasionally enters a sleep-like meditation in order to dream); and can survive within nearly any known natural environment, including deep space, hyperspace, and within black holes and stars. The Surfer can project energy in various forms for offensive and defensive use, including force fields, bolts of cosmic force powerful enough to destroy entire planets, and create black holes. He can utilize The Power Cosmic to augment his superhuman strength to indeterminate levels, The Surfer can heal living organisms, though he cannot raise the dead, and he has proven capable of revitalizing and evolving organic life on a planet-wide scale. He can cast illusions, create interdimensional portals to other locations including microverses, phase through solid matter, and exercise some level of control over the Astral Plane.

His senses enable him to detect objects and concentrations of energy light years away and to perceive matter and energy in subatomic detail, including life energies of living beings. The Surfer can even see through time, and with concentration he can achieve limited perception of past and future events in his general vicinity. He has demonstrated telepathic ability, including mind-reading on occasion, and has proven to be able to influence human emotion and sensation.


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