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July 18th, 2018

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January 29, 2018


03/13/2018 12:37 PM 

Rescue Mission

34 ABY

Watching Breha’s movements, Kaydel was not reassured by her words. “It sounds scary because it is scary.” She replied, her expression conveying just how unhappy she was with the whole situation. Had she had her way, Breha would never leave her side. They would be together and they would be safe. But, she couldn’t expect that of anyone. Nor would she want anyone to expect that of her. And Breha wasn’t really wrong. They weren’t exactly safe here either. Nowhere was truly safe. “How much danger can you be in -?” She shook her head. “You can be in plenty of danger without a blaster. Especially if someone else does have one.” She arched an eyebrow, indicating Breha should try something else if she actually wanted to be reassuring.

But, she understood the need to be useful, to contribute, to do something worthwhile. Because she understood, she wouldn’t try to stop Breha from doing what she thought she needed to do. Even if it took her away. Even if she worried that this time might be the last time she saw her. The simplest of missions had the potential to go south because nothing was ever as simple as it seemed. Breha could promise to be careful, to come back, but it was never a sure thing and they both knew that. Just as they knew that it was never a sure thing that there would even be a ‘here’ to come back to.

The seriousness that Breha managed to obtain was almost a surprise, even if the discussion was a serious one. It was somewhat unfamiliar and gave Kaydel enough pause for her to actually listen to what was being said. The promises Breha was making were ones that Kaydel knew she would do her best to keep and that was all she could ask or expect, so she accepted them for what they were. When the kiss came, she returned it, somehow unsurprised to see the more familiar smile gracing Breha’s face and she rolled her eyes good naturedly at the question that followed. Had she ever gotten in over her head? Please.  “I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.”


26 ABY


The first word that Breha got out after her clearly frantic search was one that made Kaydel both frown and look confused. “What?” The younger girl was clearly thrown off and out of breath, but she hadn’t made any sense, so she waited for clarification and a direction to go in. Concern warred with common sense and she tried not to leap to any conclusions as to the severity of whatever the situation was until she knew what was actually going on.

When Breha finally began to explain, the confusion faded but the frown only deepened. She wasn’t overreacting and what she’d overheard was bad, but…it was also Creya. Her sworn enemy. Okay, things weren’t that bad between herself and Creya, but she certainly harbored no liking for the girl and the idea of helping her wasn’t a pleasant one. But, Breha wasn’t wrong. They couldn’t know something like a planned kidnapping and do nothing about it. Even the slight hesitation she felt made her feel guilty and she flushed for a moment, looking down to hide it before she regained that iron willed control and stoicism she was becoming known for. Breha was still speaking a mile a minute, demanding to know what they should do as if she had all the answers when she really had none.

Lifting her eyes once more, she opened her mouth to interrupt, to try to calm Breha down enough to allow her some time to think and decide just what it was they should do. Getting all worked up wasn’t going to help with any kind of real plan and if what Breha had heard was true, they really didn’t have much time at all. Following her friends’ pointing finger, her mouth snapped shut and her shoulders slumped for a moment. If Creya’s flock of frantic stooges was any indicator, they were too late already. The intended target had been spirited away before they even had a chance to start coming up with any kind of plan.

“Rescue mission?” Her eyes shifted back to Breha as she repeated the younger girl’s words. Her mind was frantically trying to come up with a suitable solution. Running through their options of who to contact and trying not to spin endlessly around the idea that they didn’t really have time to get someone else involved. If Creya had been taken in just the short time between Breha finding them and explaining the situation, who knew how far they could get while they tried to bring someone else in.

If they followed, however, they stood a better chance of maybe seeing where they were taking the girl or what transport they were using or something that could be of use. She wasn’t usually such an impulsive person, preferring a plan and set instructions to leaping into the unknown, but even she knew that sometimes things happened and you could do nothing but go with the flow.

Sighing, she turned reluctantly to the boy she had been hoping to spend more time with, hoping to maybe become…something with and saw those hopes dashed in the name of heroism and maybe a little stupidity as the idea of following the kidnappers settled firmly in her mind. Doing nothing would be wrong, helping was right. Even if it was the harder path to take. She started rattling off names of who to contact and such, giving him instructions to do the things she should have been doing herself and indicating she was going to do the opposite.

He didn’t argue, willing to help however he could, but his eyes did darken with concern as he asked what she was going to do. If he had to make the contacts, that meant she wasn’t going to be with him while he did so.

Another sigh and she reluctantly admitted her plan that wasn’t a plan at all. “I’m going to try to follow them. See if I can find out where they’re going or how they’re getting there or anything that can be of use in getting Creya back.” A rescue mission indeed. This was not the kind of ‘fun’ evening she had been thinking of when Breha had mentioned it earlier that night. She could get in trouble or worse, and that was the last thing she wanted.

A glance at Breha squashed the forming idea of ordering her to stay here or to help with the communications. Though she didn’t want to take Breha into danger, she knew the girl would argue her going alone and would likely follow anyway. There wasn’t time to hesitate and really she would do the same thing were the situation reversed. And it was just tailing the creeps, so it couldn’t be too bad…right?


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