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March 21st, 2018

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March 12, 2018



03/12/2018 04:15 PM 

Current mood:  awake

Brynn was at the end of her rope again for the second time today. Taking off in her old beat up Cadillac had seemed the best idea when everything had come crashing down on her. Her boss had let her go from her crummy waitressing job and she’d come home to her apartment to find her boyfriend sleeping with her roommate. That was really the straw that broke the camel’s back, since her roommate was a childish self-involved deadbeat who never got her part of the rent on time. Brynn could hardly blame her ex for sleeping with the girl though, she was insanely beautiful with a body built for love. It wasn’t something she could just forget and continue as if it didn’t happen, though.

 Twisting the key in the ignition once more, she pumped the gas pedal in hopes that her old beater would sputter to life and get her to the next town, but instead it just hiccupped. Banging her hands on the steering wheel, Brynn’s brown eyes filled with furious tears as she leaned forward in defeat and rested her forehead on her arms. She cursed into the evening air as her copper colored hair slid forward to cover her face and she took in a long deep breath to stave off the tears. Brynn was NOT sad, she was pissed!


One hand with chipped nail polish reaches over into the passenger’s seat to grab a bag of snack cakes she’d planned to drown herself in when she found a place to rest, but now was as good a time as any to avail herself of some sugary carbs. Pulled off on the side of a lonely backroad, there as no telling how long it might take a wrecker to get here to tow her and she really didn’t want to waste her dwindling funds on it. Things just kept looking down and down. Everything she owned in the rusty car that was once a nice white color, now completely grey with scratches and dents galore.

 A sound off to her right into the woods caught her attention before she could choose between a honey bun or a moon pie and she narrowed her dark eyes to try and see through the pines. Nothing caught her eye, but she could see a structure in the distance that drew her focus. Strangely, she wanted to see it up close. Pulling on her red flannel shirt over her grey cropped top and shorts, she opened the door of her dead vehicle and set her converse tentatively on the gravel by the side of the road where she’d pulled over as her car choked and died. She grabbed the keys and the bag of snacks before she swung the door shut with a bang and walked around to the right of the car.

 Dead leaves crunched under her shoes and the side of the road dipped down into a little valley before levelling out into a thickly wooded area. Brynn’s steps were careful and her eyes searching while she walked, only seeing some glimpses of the structure that was drawing her nearer. White columns reached into the sky with rampant kudzu growing all around them. Curiosity piqued, she continued on toward the sum of her interest, the plastic bag of unhealthy choices crinkling as it swayed against her hip from where it hung on her elbow.

(To be continuted.. )


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