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February 17th, 2018

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February 10, 2018



02/13/2018 11:01 PM 

Thunder and Monster's King

The King, Darkiplier was a very bold and brave creature at heart not afraid to take on things so much more dangerous than himself. And this devil creature was and he knew it so much so. He also knew his death affected his sons in extremely negative ways. While none of them had seen him he was at his very own funeral.

Standing beside the body that was once his. It was unsure of what Dark truly looked like without the host's body in reality. Cerberus had one said it was something no one ever wants to see. So big it could consume the earth and the planets in one gulp.

But Dark had control over his emotions and form so he never went true form only ones that had seen it was his host Markiplier and Raziel as well as his sons as well. Dark was shocked at some of the words cerberus screamed at the body in the pain he felt. But Dark knew it all too well and knew Cerberus and Vlad and Shadow would be okay.

Dark looked at Thor and raised an eyebrow "Oh I am more than aware of the dark times aheasd but darkness can be faded away as it will be when I am done with what I need to tell him" muses gently as he tapped his cane on the ground twice slightly.

"Coming along Thor? Or staying here?" he asked amused as he looked around at this new place of asgard on earth. Knowing these people and gods would be safe...they had a good king to look after them. He looked at the ceiling and smiles gently and closed his eyes able to hear the heart beats of all of them.

"Funny is the heartbeat the beats in time with the ticking of times clock for all souls" he muses gently looking at Thor.

"Nice eyepatch by the way Sparkles"


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