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02/13/2018 07:42 PM 

Birthday and War

The Youngest of the Archangels

Raziel The angel of Mysteries, Life and Magic and Space

Raziel is the youngest of all of the archangels. While he was born only a few years before Lucifers fall from grace he often would watch Lucifer from afar and be sad at his anger toward the world of heaven. Raziel never came close to the older archangel in fear of getting snapped at or attacked and often would stay near Gabriel or Raphael as well.

When Lucifer fell a part of Raziel fell with him, while Lucifer never met Raziel face to face Raziel; often wandered around in Lucifers dreams as a phantom of sorts and would calm the angel down in his slumber so that nightmares wouldn't hurt his older brother.

Raziel, when he was old enough, was titled as an archangel of the Mysteries as well as Life and magic and from that day forward he left heaven and searched for a place that he could use his skills. So he created Ireland....His domain his world his playground. He taught the humans there that settled down the stubbornness of the irish as well as the magic that flowed through their veins as well. But nothing could compare to the love that Raziel showed to the people of the land.

Raziel and Lucifer finally meet once in Ireland face to face for the first time a few years ago during the days of war against Darkiplier. While Lucifer was there trying to tempt humans Raziel easily stepped in and put Lucifer back in his place. While neither one of them won the grounds neither would attack each other. Raziel and Lucifer didn't always see eye to eye with humans but they did see eye to eye when things affected earth or the destruction of it.


Raziel birthday was wonderful he got a few gifts from Shadow and Cerberus as well as his angelic family and was having a grand old time with the Drumset on full blast in the recording room in the house he had in Ireland. It wasn't untill Lucifer unplugged the stereo that the angel actually saw that Lucifer was standing there.

"Oh sh*t...I am sorry i didn't see you there hope you were not there long" Giggled Raziel and smirked as he set the drumsticks down. Raziel was the youngest so his mental state was very fragile but he had seen some pretty f***ed up sh*t in his life and didn;'t cry about it. The only thing that almost killed him was when Dark died. When that happen the angel went into a shock depression and was starting to die from the sadness that came into his heart.

But Shadow and Thor as well as Cerberus Vlad and Lucifer pucked him back up onto his feet and he was now three years back to normal and happier because Dark had returned.

"I hear that Doiemdes is still on the loose hasn't Dark or shadow stopped him yet?" he asked concern as he was more then aware of the battle but unlike most angels he tried to aviod the conflicts as much as possible. But it seems this fight was about to yank him in weither or not he liked it.


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