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02/12/2018 03:52 PM 

Almost Paradise 4

Almost Paradise
1x1 with Jack

Daniel could sense the obvious hostility Jack had to the entire situation.  The archaeologist touched his fingertips together as he listened to what Jack had to say about the entire situation with the culture based around worship of Zeus.  “I hardly think it will be anything in regard to ice hockey Jack.  Ice hockey is a modern invention after all.”  Right before Aeson returned, Daniel managed to mutter a quick question under his breath.  “Howareyouintrackandfield?”

He had to admit that Jack was right.  Something about all this didn’t sit right with him either.  Right now, they didn’t have the room to do anything but follow protocol.  They expected Jack and Daniel to be emissaries of the Tau’ri government which is the rule they were portraying to perfection, at least for now.

Daniel was impressed with the banquet hall that they were led into by Aeson.  The smells and wonders were absolutely tantalizing!  The archaeologist was attempting to hold in his excitement in regard to all this that was unfolding in front of them.   He was like a kid in the candy store.  Their previous encounters with other Greek influenced cultures had not been all that positive.  Daniel was on guard to try and keep that from happening again.   

The servants of the master took Daniel by the arm and led him to a seat that was an obvious place of honor.  Daniel didn’t object as he was being led away.  He cast a glance back at Jack hoping that he was okay.   Who was he kidding?  Jack was far more prepared for anything negative to occur than Daniel was.  Daniel was an intellectual after all…

Daniel took the seat that he was offered with no objections.  His gaze swept the table in front of him.  There was all sorts of classic Greek dishes in front of him.  He inhaled deeply taking in the smell of the lamb, honey, olive oil and the pork.   This was better than the best Greek restaurants back on Earth.   The flask of wine was brought before him and poured into a goblet in front of him.  Daniel watched as the rich purple colored liquid filled the goblet.  After it was poured, Daniel reached for the goblet wrapping extended digits around the stem of the glass.  He rose it to his nose inhaling deeply.   It was intoxicating, just from the first smell.   He raised the goblet to his lips and started to drink already.   The wine was absolutely THE best he’d ever drank.

The room had been abuzz with the talking and the gathering of the festival attendees.   When he rose the glass, the room was silent.   A smattering of gasps filled the room as he drank the wine before the blessing of the Praetor had been given.  Daniel lowered the goblet to the table noticing that everyone was staring at him for some reason.   “Uh…  What’s going on here?”   He looked over to Jack.  “Did I miss something?”

The bodyguards that stood along the wall gathered around Daniel pointing their swords at his throat.   At that moment, the Praetor had joined the room.  “Who is this that has begun the festival without the blessings of Dionysus?”   The man spoke in a tone that made Daniel’s heart leap into that throat.   They knew the sound of the voice of a Goa’uld.  The glittering eyes glared in the direction of Daniel and Jack both.  

The Praetor was a little more than a mere leader of a planet.  He was the god among them.   The human that he took possession of, had a Tau’ri appearance of a young Greek man with a boyish countenance.   Daniel watched him carefully even as the room of the citizenry had fallen down on their faces in front of him daring not to make eye contact with their god.   The Goa’uld’s appearance had been obviously one of the Ancient Greek gods.    Daniel pursed his lips together and inhaled deeply.   He couldn’t believe he had missed it.  Had he been that arrogant?  All the signs were around him.  This was Dionysus.  Dionysus was the son of Zeus and a mortal woman.   Now here he was right in front of Daniel.   The sound of a new wave of guards entered the room.  Jaffa  Daniel thought.

Daniel dared not move or even breathe.  It was just what they needed. Here was another Goa’uld that they would chock up to their enemies list.  Getting out of this was going to be next to impossible to do.  Dionysus took a step and then another toward Daniel.  The booming voice of the Greek Goa‘uld came from a body that should never have produced anything that deep.  “Take him and his bodyguard to the dungeon.  They will learn not to defy me!”

Daniel didn’t struggle when the Jaffa grabbed him by the arms and started to pull him away.  All the signs were Zeus, but the festival was Dionysus.   The relief on the wall as they came inside had portrayed Zeus’ protecting the womb of Semele sewn inside his thigh to protect the infant Dionysus as he was born.   Daniel clenched his teeth.  It was all right there and he’d missed it.

Now it was too late.



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