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June 21st, 2018

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January 29, 2018


02/12/2018 02:48 PM 


Kaydel Ko ConnixoopsHacktivist

"That's not exactly what I meant." Kaydel murmured, shaking her head and rolling her eyes as Breha took her hand and led the way to the dance floor. Though she acted displeased and disapproving, she really wasn't. This place wasn't too bad and she felt fairly certain that there wasn't too much trouble they could get into here. Not that her friend couldn't find trouble anywhere, of maybe it found her. It didn't matter either way. This place seemed safe enough for the moment. The music was loud and she could feel it throughout her whole body as she moved with the rhythm. Dancing wasn't something she normally did, or that she was wonderful at, but she wasn't really bad either. It just wasn't something she thought about much until she was in the moment.

When they finally made their way to the side of the dance floor, she was sweating and out of breath, but had to admit that it had been good to get her blood flowing and releasing a bit of tension. Struggling to hear what Breha was saying, she leaned a little closer and started to shake her head before the younger girl's attempt at striking an older pose brought an increasingly rare grin to her face and a chuckle to her throat. "Oh, yeah, Brey. You'd totally pass as an adult." It was good to laugh, even a little.

The grin fell away as Breha's expression changed and she immediately looked around to see what had caught her friend's attention. Despite Breha's first words being 'don't look,' she couldn't help but do just that. Once her gaze was caught, she couldn't look away. The boy was handsome. Almost too handsome. He knew it, she knew it, everyone knew it. At least she thought they did. She barely heard the rest of Breha's rambling as a flush heated her cheeks and made her feel warm all over. For a moment she froze, not wanting him to see her in such a place. Even if it wasn't really bad, it was a club and that wasn't her style, wasn't her thing. It didn't matter that he was there, too, or why. He was older and intelligent and serious and if he caught her staring at him, she thought she might melt into a puddle on the floor right there.

Breha's light slap on the shoulder thankfully brought her back to reality and she shook her head, finally tearing her gaze away and offering her friend a wry grin at the elaborate mentions of destiny and children and weddings and, best of all, DRESSES! Rolling her eyes good naturedly, she opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off by Breha's flailing arms and flying liquid and the glaring eyes of one of the last people she wanted to see here, or anywhere for that matter.


With the one repeated word, she knew that the situation was going to go from bad to worse, and fast. Creya Ordun was one of her least favorite people. Someone she could hate if she allowed herself the luxury, which she tried not to. Hatred gave people power over you just as much as other emotions and she wasn't willing to hand over any power to the girl before them. Avoidance and ignoring were usually her weapons of choice when it came to this girl and her posse of bitches, but it looked like that wasn't going to be possible this time as Breha faltered and apologized and deflated before her eyes. The group was intimidating and they knew it, they counted on it. It was infuriating.

The insults Creya threw her way made her narrow her eyes and purse her lips, but she wasn't going to retaliate. Not here, not now. It was what the girl wanted and Kaydel would find other ways of showing her up. She always did. Her fists were clenched at her sides as she took a deep breath and opened her mouth once more to snap back. Violence wasn't always physical. Breha stepping in shouldn't have surprised her, but it did. The younger girl instantly snapped back to attention as Creya and her cronies laughed at the girl's cruel witticism before it was cut off by Breha's sharp returning barbs.

Even more shocking was the fist that followed. It wasn't a hard hit, but one would have thought the girl had been utterly destroyed by the way she and her followers reacted. The drama was instant and overdone and Kaydel stared in shock for a moment before Breha was tugging on her hand and maneuvering them through the crowd once more.

After only a short distance, she pulled up short, nearly yanking Breha off her feet as she suddenly halted. "I'm not running away." She decided. What Breha had done was amazing and amusing, but she couldn't just let it go at that. It was already going to be all over that she needed someone younger and smaller to defend her, but that bitch didn't deserve the dignity of them deserting the place and allowing her to get the upper hand, even from the floor. "Let's go back." It wasn't the best decision she'd ever made, she was sure. Especially if the posse decided they weren't going to let things lie as they were. But, the decision was made and her tone and expression were firm - though her eyes sparkled just slightly.

She shifted her grip so that she was the one towing Breha back this time, determined to come out on top. Whatever that might mean. Throwing a small grin of thanks back at her friend, she shrugged. "We should get you some ice for that hand anyway."


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