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Alexis Salvatore

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May 20th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 27
Country: United States

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August 31, 2017



01/12/2018 04:03 PM 

Alexis turned part 2
Current mood:  creative

Anna had been watching Alexis for a few hours waiting for her to stir. Alexis groaned as she slowly began to stir and opened her eyes. She slowly sat up feeling confused and disoriented as her hand moved to her head. She looked around seeing Anna as she bit down on her lower lip lightly as Anna helped her to her feet. She looked around and saw it was still night.

"Anna, what do are we going to do, my father can't see me like this," Alexis said as she leaned against Anna. Tears started filling her eyes as Anna hugged her tightly then took her hand leading her out of the shadows and to Emily Bennett's cabin. Emily embraced Alexis then gave her wrist to feed off of. Alexis took a deep breath as she bit into her wrist tasting the sweet nectar. She pulled her head back licking her lips as she whimpered from the fangs coming from her mouth.

"It will be okay Lexi," Anna said softly as she hugged her tightly even more than she had before. Alexis just started crying seeing as her emotions were heightened. Emily took a deep breath and picked up a ring with the salvatore crest that she had spelled into a daylight ring. She handed the ring to Alexis who took it and slipped it onto her finger.

"Now get home before your family finds you missing," Emily said hugging her before sending her back to the salvatore house. Alexis quietly went upstairs to her room and climbed under her covers. She pulled the blankets tightly around her and fell into a restless sleep.


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