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Alexis Salvatore

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May 20th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 27
Country: United States

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August 31, 2017



01/12/2018 02:01 PM 

Alexis turned part 1
Current mood:  creative

Alexis Salvatore could never believe in a million years that what her father had always said was true. That vampires did truly exist but she was looking right at it, at her best friend. She had come to adore Anna and her mother, Pearl. She had blinked several times as she stared at the scene in front of her. Anna was feeding off one of the neighbors and she could see all the blood. She tried to hold back the horrifying scream that wanted to escape her throat. She just let out a loud squeak which got Anna's attention.

"Alexis?" Anna asked quietly as she turned looking straight at the dark haired girl who had came out to  see her against her father's wishes. Alexis blinked back tears as Anna compelled the person to forget her and what had happened then slowly turned walking over to her pushing her back into the shadows. Alexis still couldn't believe what she was seeing as a tear escaped her right eye and rolled down her cheek.

"Alexis, you can't tell anyone what you saw, we will be leaving here soon," Anna said as she touched her shoulder. Alexis blinked looking at her.

"Y-You c-c-can't l-leave," Alexis stammered out through her tears. Anna sighed and hugged her tightly. Alexis and Anna had become inseparable over the course of them showing up in mystic falls. Alexis didn't want to lose her best friend, who else would Alexis talk to. Her two older brothers were to wrapped up in Katherine Pierce to notice her at all.

"I could always turn you and you can come with me?" Anna asked against her ear. Alexis pulled back to look at her then bit down on the corner of her lower lip lightly. She wanted to stay with Anna, she was the only one who seemed to understand her. Alexis slowly nodded her head as Anna bit her lower lip and looked around before biting her wrist and holding it out to Alexis. Pearl who had been watching from a distance sighed as Alexis drank from her daughter's wrist. She came up behind Alexis placing her hand on her shoulder as Anna then snapped her neck. Pearl caught the girl before she fell to the ground dead knowing they would have to tell Katherine about this seeing as everyone was in a state of panic with the council already onto them.

"Stay with her until she wakes up Anna, then help her transition, it will be a rocky ride for Miss. Salvatore," Pearl said then walked away to tell Katherine the news.


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