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Age: 27
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December 31, 2017



01/12/2018 01:03 PM 

Bucket List.

1. Harry Potter Marathon. 
Tanner is obsessed with anything that includes magic and fantasy. He read the books as a kid and fell in love with the movies. It's been a long time since he's had an all-nighter and watched every movie straight through without a break. To prove to himself and his friends that he's not 'that old' yet, Tanner will force himself at some point to stay awake through them all and have the HP marathon. 

2. Reconnect with Evan.
Tanner and Evan were high school sweethearts and madly in love until it all went South when they found out she was expecting. Too young to be a father Tanner bolted for the hills and cut off all contact to almost every single person from Charlotte, Evv being one of them. Almost nine years later Tanner is now back in Charlotte and even though he's terrified to see her again and feels guilty for what he done he still hopes that they can figure it out and she will eventually forgive him. 

3. Trip to Paris.
He's always wanted to go to Paris. Working as a bartender alone wouldn't have him travelling that far anytime soon but luckily for T, it's not his only job and with his other job he gets paid a lot more. He hopes that if he and Evv can reconnect and she and Lennox let him into their little bubble they can take a family holiday to Paris for a couple of days - or even if he and Evan can get away together to spend sometime. 

4. Lads Weekend. 
Tanner hopes to rope David and a few others into a weekend away outside of Charlotte where they can all just drink, smoke and gamble all their money away. Sounds like great craic, right?? He hasn't seen his best friend in over 9 years so it would be nice for them to be able to catch up properly, neither worrying about work or anything else. 

5. Drive-in Movie Night. 
As cheesy as it sounds Tanner loves anything old school like that. Cheesy, cute and it always looks like fun whenever they go on so he's hoping that this year will be the year he finally goes. Since Evan he hasn't really had a proper girlfriend, he's had a few short term relationships but to be fair they were just mostly physical, they wouldn't do anything together. Maybe he, Evan, David and Aurora can go. Or even he, Evv and Lennox. Time will tell with that one.. 


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