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beauty is terror
This want ad is based off of the wonderful protagonists in the book The Secret History. Bearing that in mind, there will be some disturbing subject matter such as murder (which all of these six friends will eventually become guilty of) and these people being generally terrible. All playbys are open and I absolutely encourage you to put your own unique spin on the character, just as long as you don't stray too far from what's canon (as in, don't make Bunny a sweet and lovable guy or make Charles totally against alcohol). They should all be in their late twenties or early thirties so that they could have grown up together and known each other pretty much their whole lives.

Faces are all open, just don't whitewash Richard or Henry!

If you're interested you can contact me on discord at ghost #2811!
grew up in poverty but worked hard to keep it a secret from his friends for fear of being dismissed as another poor black kid. drifts away from the group the most and has a large number of friends outside of the group. often goes on dates with girls he's not attracted to in an effort to forget his crush on camilla. struggles with feeling like an outsider in the group and tries his best to fit in.

suggested faces: daniel kaluuya, michael b jordan, john boyega, lakeith stanfield
of korean descent but grew up in a surprisingly strict catholic home. has a limp from being hit by a car as a child, but makes up for it with his intellect. he's incredibly smart. henry borders on evil at times, he has violent fantasies (which he keeps to himself, and he's so calm and composed that no one guesses otherwise) and he repeatedly betrays his friends. super fashionable.

suggested faces: sehun, g-dragon, jin, jackson wang
Loud, bigoted, homophobic, and dumb. Bunny is a big brute who has no control over his emotions and even less control over what comes out of his mouth. He's sexist and obnoxious, but is smarter than he appears. Though he isn't necessarily book-smart, he's unfairly gifted with reading people, using his friends, and making art. Loves borrowing money and never giving it back.

suggested faces: adam driver, james mcavoy, evan peters, domhnall gleeson
taken by ghost.

prone to frequent bouts of dramatic despair and is frequently on the brink of a suicide attempt. smokes frequently in an effort to deal with his panic attacks. was raised by a wild and abusive mother. intelligent, cultured, and artistic, but lazy and depressed. openly gay and hopelessly in love with charles.
Blonde and pretty. Is the object of Charles' affections but pretends not to notice. Intelligent and certainly manages to hold herself together more than her friends, but not for long. Cares deeply for Francis and is particularly close with him. She's usually the one who ends up coaxing him out of panic attacks and downward spirals. Tomboyish, loves outdoors adventures, camping, hiking, and loathes makeup (unless she absolutely has to wear it).

suggested faces: abbey lee kershaw, mia wasikowska, michelle williams, carey mulligan
reserved by roman.

blonde and pretty, just like his sister. he's a little too possessive over his sister, and loves her more than he should. she's always going to reject him, so he settles for toying with francis' emotions instead, and will routinely lead him on, occasionally even entering relationships with him - just to get bored, break up with him, and then get back together with him later on. he drinks too much, is prone to outbursts of rage, and is the most openly violent of the group when he's drunk. otherwise, he can be as poetic and charming as the rest of them - as long as he's sober and not bored.

suggested faces: michael pitt, bill skarsgard, dane dehaan, boyd holbrook


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