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Ryker Kattalakis [KDO]

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January 27th, 2018

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July 05, 2017



01/12/2018 12:28 PM 

Freaky Wine (Closed rp with Talia Kattalakis)
Category: Stories


Vetis walked into the little shop just off the Trevi Fountain. The bell above the door alerting the owner of his presence. A little bald man in his 50's popped his cheerful face from behind a curtain with a lavish greeting upon seeing the demon's clothing. He knew Vetis was from money and would do all he could to sponge as much cash off of him as he could.  Since the gift was for Thalia, he would spare no expense.


"Kalí méra kýrie! Pós boró na sas voithíso?"

The shop owner said as he walked out and held a hand out to Vetis.  Shaking it with a smile, Vetis let his eyes roam the interior.


"I am looking for the perfect gift for a very lovely woman"

The demon replied and pulled his hand back after the second shake. The man's smile widened, immediately thinking it was for a lover and waved a hand to the lingerie section.  "Perhaps one of these would be to your likely sir?" 


Vetis' eyes widened and he quickly shook his head. " The gift is for my sister, not my lover."  He watched the news dawn on the chubby little human and Vetis was then shown to other baubles and scarves. He shook his dark head knowing Thali had enough of those. The female seemed to have an entire Kay jewelry store in her bed chamber.  "No I am searching for something else, something unique just as she is" And it was truth, Thali was a very unique demoness.


Just then, his eyes spotted an ancient bottle in a glass case just beyond the curtain the owner had slipped from. By passing the man, Vetis walked to the back and to the treasure. Picking it up, he inspected it and grinned knowing Thali would love it. The design on it was something Vetis had never seen before.  "I will take it." He said over his shoulder and noticed the man biting his lip and shaking his head.


"No sir, that wine is not for sale. It is a very ancient and powerful brew. It has not been seen since the time of the Roman Empire. "


"You will sell this to me" Vetis used his powers of persuasion to acquire the damn thing. No one said no to him. Without another word, the owner rang up the purchase and bagged it, thanking Vetis for his business as he walked out, bottle in hand.   As the man watched Vetis pass by the front window, a voice came from behind him.


"You did well. Payment will be in your bank account within the hour" 

The old man turned his head and nodded, but remained silent as the cloaked figure walked passed him and to the door. He hadn't wanted to do such a thing, but his family had been threatened if he did not comply.  As he watched his tormentor leave, he prayed to every god he knew of for forgiveness and to keep the younger man safe, for he would need it in the coming days.


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Ryker Kattalakis [KDO]


He arrived home and took the back entrance, swiftly climbing the stairs two at a time in his haste to see his mate again. Three days were three too many for his liking.  Rushing down the hallway to their rooms, he threw the doors open, stepping inside with a bright smile on his lips, his eyes searching the interior for East. Finding him not home as of yet, the smile vanished and he sighed and shrugged seeing only his personal valet standing by the closet door.  Walking over to the bed, he set his suitcase down and looked over his shoulder. 

"After you unpack my belongings George, you may be excused for the remainder of the day. I will not need your services until tomorrow" 

Vetis didn't wait for a reply, he walked to the bathroom, shedding his travel clothes as he went. Needing the hot spray of the shower to wake up more fully before he faced his sister. He had forgotten her birthday while him and East were on his Island, but he hoped like Hades the wine he'd bought her would put him back in her good graces again. 

Just as he turned on the water, he stopped cold and listened. The faint sounds of drums hit his ears again. On the plane he'd heard the same thing a few times and wondered where it was coming from.  Seemingly to run through the drops, he showered quickly and stepped out, wrapping a towel low on his hips and going to find the source of the drumming.  Once in the room, he slowly made his way around, his hearing intent on the sound until he came to the dresser and the wine bottle sitting on it.  Wine did NOT drum the thought and frowned, stepping back and picking up his white shirt to put on.  All the while he dressed, his eyes remained glued to the ancient bottle and his mind reeling as he tried to remember if he'd ever heard such things while he'd been in Rome during the fall of the empire but he came up empty. No he'd never heard such before now.  Wanting to be rid of the creepy thing, he stood and grabbed it by the neck, intending to find Thalia with all due haste.  Holding the thing out in front of him like a damn bomb ready to go off, he made his way down the stairs calling out " Thali! I'm home big sister!" 

Posted on Sat Jan 20, 2018, 11:11

Thalia Kattalakis™[KDO]


Thalia walked through the Kattalakis mansion with her white full length dress lulling at her feet as her heels clicked to the marble floors. Long dark curls hung down her back to brush along the top of her shapely rear. Glancing around the dining room she contemplated on what  she was going to do to redesign it. Her brothers had given her the green light to 'revamp' the mansion. So she would start here.

This was of course the place in the house where they were always together as a family. Other than that each Kattalakis sibling went off in their separate ways. They were no longer children after all... Standing in the center of the huge dining room she tapped her index finger to her chin in thought of which colours to mix and match.

Lifting her arm she glanced at her wrist watch. It was time to go up to the lounge. Ryker had said he wanted to see her. The servant grapevine had whispered something about a birthday gift. A smile pulled to her lips. If she didn't know any better her baby brother was trying to make up for missing her birthday. Though she fully understood he and East had to leave on business and then spent the remainder of the time off on the island Ryker owned off the Caribbean.

Turning on her heel she walked swiftly in loud clicks toward the wide spiral staircase, climbing one step at a time. Ryker would be home soon.

Posted on Wed Jan 17, 2018, 03:50

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