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01/11/2018 10:25 PM 

Batman's Demise Part One

The Dark Knight, Batman had so much faith in the Arkham Asylum, when every single person kept breaking out. Gotham City needed a new hero it seemed. Somebody who would worry more about the criminals, the city, and the well being of everyone else than a easy to escape prison. That was all going to change by the end of the night, and the Punisher was going to make sure of it. One way or another Batman would be forgotten from this city, and the criminals would start paying. They would meet their demise and the city would finally find something to believe in. Sure, the city would be afraid, but they would also praise him, especially when every street would be safe again. Starting with Batman or the small pugly man he had his eyes on at the moment.

Frank Castle looked at the thugs inside the warehouse. Of course there stood the small sack of sh*t himself, Oswald Cobblepot. He slowly got out of the beat-up Jeep Cherokee. It was a vehicle no one would expect Frank to drive, and it would make it easy to get in and out quick before drawing too much attention to himself. That was all Frank needed on his first night... to draw too much attention on himself too early.

Slowly, the mercenary retrieved the dirtied up homeless man's blanket and threw it over his shoulders. It hid his black leather trenchcoat, skull tank top and black pants. After throwing up the blanket on top of his head, he pulled his green bag from the back of the Jeep and headed past the warehouse and into the alley. He chose a place next to three crowded homeless men. Frank pulled out some money and started to look around. "Listen, I got some money here. If you keep a eye out on the alley's entrance, I will give it to you right now. No questions asked. If you see any thugs leave or come towards this alley, say something and distract them." He dropped a hundred in all three of their hands before setting his bag on the ground and dishing his guns out one by one.

He holstered the pistols after taking the safety off, and then pulled the knives into his boots. It wasn't until he pulled a shotgun from his bag that he looked at the homeless men. Frank knew that they were honorable men. Hell, most of them were soldiers. The world sometimes didn't care, but he did. Frank kept the blanket over his shoulders before heading to the three men. "No one came out." He nodded and gave them another few bucks before heading out of the alley. He put the gun inside his trenchcoat before heading towards the warehouse entrance.

His boots made a soft thud as he headed through the open doors and saw three of the thugs turn around. "Hey. HEY! You're not allowed in here, hobo." Frank saw one of the men try to grab him before pulling the two pistols out. He let the gun shoot off as the blood splattered from the man's head. He then turned his head and shot the two closest thugs, as the next thugs started to shoot their guns. Frank counted seven left as he slid around one of the trucks. He reloaded his guns and threw the blanket to the side. After taking a breath he shot around the corner and nailed two of the men before smirking, and seeing one of them run.

Frank knew to let that one go. He tossed the pistols to the side and pulled his shotgun from his cot before blasting the last of the thugs down. When Penguin tried to run for the entrance, Frank smirked and aimed the shotgun before shooting twice. One of the shells nailed Penguin in the right leg, his bone snapping out of the leg as Penguin screamed in agony. The second shell slammed right into Penguin's back paralyzing him as it hit the spinal cord. "That sounded like it hurt!" Frank's lighting fast boots came to Penguin's side and he slammed his leg into the ribs. "You smell like sh*t, Cobblepot."

Oswald was yelling as he looked at Frank. "Who the hell are you?" Frank smirked and put his foot on the man's neck before aiming his shotgun down the man's lungs. "The last person you will ever see, you sick f***!" As he readied the trigger, a bat shaped hook wrapped around the shotgun and threw it to the side. His eyes moved as the glass broke and Batman swung in. "Holy f***ing sh*t. Look what the bat drug in. I have been waiting for this."


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