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May 23rd, 2018

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May 11, 2017


01/11/2018 05:43 PM 

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Custom work has become a new staple in our roleplay community; it is offered in most resource sites in one way or another. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. I wanted to change that by offering to make free custom work to any that request it. No tricks, no expectations, completely free. It gives me a chance to improve my editing while, at the same time, other people are able to get custom work they may not have been able to get before.

I ask that everyone that sends in a request follow the rules below:

LIMIT IS 2 REQUESTS EVERY TWO WEEKS. Do not send in more than two requests at a time. If I find out you are using other accounts to get more requests, I reserve the right to delete and bar you from future requests.

DO NOT RUSH ME. I am one person and have a life outside of this site, including being a full-time college student. So please be patient with me.

CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN. Period. If I find out you are claiming my work as yours, we will have serious problems. I am offering free work because I want to do something nice. Don't make me regret it!

BE COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL. I will offer you the same level of respect you give me. Be warned, I have zero tolerance for demanding and pushy behavior. So to avoid that, just be polite and nice. Then we should be good.

Fill out the form below and send in a message
(Erase the information in the parenthesis
and fill with your information.)

Face Claim/Playby:
Character or Site Name:
Display Name:

Type of Graphic: (Simple Edit, Extra Edit, Doorknocker, Share Banner, Role Banner, etc. What would you like me to do? If your interested in something unlisted, message me and ask me.)
Desired Size: (Is there a specific size you want the graphic to be in?)
Specific Font(s): (Any specific fonts you want used?)
Theme(s): (What theme would you like the graphic to be in - grunge, bloody, romantic, sexy, comic, supernatural, perhaps something that isn't listed. Be creative AND BE DETAILED. The more I know, the more likely I can make what you want or expect)Color(s): (Is there a specific color palette you want? Do you want your edit colorful and bright, perhaps on the darker side?)
Preferred Image(s): (Have any specific images you want used?)
Specific Lyrics/Quotes: (Any specific quotes or lyrics you want used?)

Character Detail(s): (Tell me a bit about your character. Are they a demon, vampire, werewolf? Perhaps they are quirky and bright? Maybe you only want pictures that are blonde/brunette. Please be specific, any little bit helps.)
Extra: (Anything else you want me to know?)

*FOR BANNERS & DOORKNOCKERS ONLY* Info: (What info do you want on the banner & or doorknocker.)


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