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12/06/2017 09:18 PM 

A Journey Has Ended Secret Santa Vader '17

  A Journey Has Ended
    A Small Story    
  The sounds of a motorized machine could be heard. The wheels of an old class two, astromech droid were straining. It's iron bands grinding against the sand as it continued to putter on. It's prime objective to find Anakin Skywalker. It had been searching the desert planet for years. It was not intelligent enough to figure out a way to leave the planet. Though the old droid did not succeed, it had tried many times. Each attempt ending in failure. So it roamed, searching for any sign of the Jedi.

  "Jedi, my son is a Jedi," Shmi constantly told the droid. So the droid continued to search the Jedi Anakin Skywalker. Though it had been trying hard for years, the droid, however, did not want to give up. It came town to town, city to city, been bought sold, trapped, locked up and forgotten. Escaped many times, though as the sound of its battery began to fade. Its wheels started to slow down in pace.  It seems the journey of the astromech droid was about to end. A medium size stone hidden in the sand was in its path, throwing the droid off balance and knocking to its side.

  Find Anakin Skywalker, Reach Anakin Skywalker

  The binary sounds of beeped out as it tried to get unstuck but its power was failing, it's wheels grinding forward then reverse. Nothing it was stuck, tumbled by a medium smooth stone. It continued to beep out for help. Though nothing but a small sandstorm answered the small droids cries. Hours passed and night fell, it could not manage to turn it's self upright. Days passed and nothing came, nothing but a small sand creature.

  The small creature curiously and hesitantly made its way to the droid. It prodded at its buttons, touching the metal and plastic. The droid tried to shoo it off but it was no use. The creature was unafraid. It continued to press buttons, like a child drawn to the sound of a click. Click! Suddenly an image of light shot out and the image of a woman appeared, her face worn, with age and hard work, but her smile, never faded.

"I finally did it," she breathed out. Her eyes alight. "My son was always very good with these things. One of his many talents," she paused taking a deep breath. "I bought this droid, to keep a record of things you missed. In hopes you might see them one day and realized you haven't missed nothing at all,-nothing at all-nothing at all" it stuttered the image flickered. The image changed a small lapse in the video.

  "My son, I want you to mee the man who saved me. This is Cliegg Lars, he freed me and we were married." An older gentleman waved from behind.  "He has a son, named Owen, he's out playing at the moment. You have a stepbrother, now. I hope you meet them someday."

  "It was a hard day of work, the moisture farm has been providing to everyone around the area. It has been tough on us all, especially the children..." her face fell as she frowned. "I miss you, my son, I'm grateful you are not here to witness and experience this...this suffering."

  "It has been four years since the academy has taken you from me. I've met another Jedi in Mos Eisley, immediately my thoughts went to you. I asked him if she knew you. She smiled and nodded. She said you have grown to be a powerful Jedi. I'm so proud." she said with a smile.

  The imaged flashed and another video played. It's recordings flickering as the droids battery ran out. Relieving the memories it had with the woman named Shmi on the moisture farm. Her recordings meant to be watched by her son, her son the Jedi. It played all through the night, finally reaching its last recording.

  "My son, there is a terrible storm, fires could be seen. It's Tusken Raiders, I'm sure of it.  I don't have much time so I'll be brief. My son, I don't know what will become of me. My family is out at Mos Eisley. I stayed to prepare dinner. I...I... miss you...miss you so much. I feel it... I feel the end, the end is near. If only you were here, here to stop them. Here to see your face, to see how much you've grown. Knowing that I never forgot about you." a loud shriek could be heard. "They're here, I hope they don't' take this R2 unit, I love you always, goodbye-goodbye-goodbye."

  The image flickered as it skipped. Finally came to a stop, conserving what little power it has left. The sand was started to cover the small astromech droid, as it's battery and hum lowered, it's small beeping light, coming to a stop.

Secret Santa 2017. To Vader From Ivy... sorry it's a drabble not a starter


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