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November 27, 2017



12/06/2017 07:29 PM 

Connections needed

Family Roles

Name: Lord Jason Alexander Edward Richmond, Duke of Norfolk
Playby: Richard Madden
Age: 30
Role: Older Brother
Story: Jason and Evie have a close relationship. Ever since she was born Jason wanted to protect his little sister. He was awarded at a young age the title from his aunt, Duke of Norfolk. 

Name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Princess of Cambridge
Playby: Daisy Ridley
Age: 25
Role: 5th Cousin
Story: Charlotte and Evie are fifth cousins through her father's  family. She is the great granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the sister of Prince George. 

Name: George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge
Playby: Lucas Till
Age: 27
Role: 5th Cousin
Story: George is Evie's fifth cousin as well and he is Charlotte's older brother. He is closer to his cousin, Jason, but he can be protective of Evie and Charlotte too.

Friend Roles

Playby: Scott Eastwood
Age: 30
Connection: Ex Boyfriend/Body Guard
Story: (SE) is Evie's ex boyfriend. Evie broke up with him because her career was launching since she became a model, and she didn't have the time to settle down. However, (SE) was planning on proposing to Evie the night she broke up with him. He has always loved her and when he heard that the family was needing a bodyguard for her he jumped at the opportunity so he could be close to her.

Playby: Jasmine Tookes
Age: 28
Connection: Best Friend/Co Worker for Victoria's Secrets
Story: (JT) is Evie's best friend. The two became friends before they were both working at Victoria's Secrets. They met when they did their first show for Givenchy. 


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