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12/06/2017 06:38 PM 

Rules Of A Witch
Category: Guidelines
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                   Rules Of A Witch

This Witch Has very highly strict Rules to Follow, So I suggest you follow them and there will be no problem

Rule# 1  I am not the actress Kristin Kreuk I am using her for my witch character.

Rule #2 You add you talk! You role play I am here to have fun I do not tolerate drama so leave it at the door and leave it in your real life space okay!

Rule #3 I want to make this perfectly clear my character is 100% straight and into men she is not a lesbian or a bi sexual understand! So do not add me if you are Not being mean but I'm not really not into that

Rule#4 Do Not and I repeat do not add me if your character is already taken by someone I don't seem that is fair and I think that is mean so don't add me if you are already taken and wanna flirt with me you will be blocked on the spot end of story! I am here to have fun and role play with single men role players

Rule #5 Do not treat me like some whore or some slut when we role play together or I will block you understand I am indeed into erotica role play but do no treat my character like she is your whore or slut treat her respect!

Rule # 6 More rules to follow when I think of of them


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