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Prudence Blackwell

I whispered my secrets to the moon and she
( whispered hers back )


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December 17th, 2017

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Gender: Female

Age: 30
Country: United Kingdom

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September 23, 2017


12/06/2017 10:36 PM 

#EC8 - Plot Bunnies

Post three separate plot bunnies that can relate to your character's storyline.


Ghost from the past – (For those born in London only) Prudence and Muse knew each other back in London. The two lived across the street from each other and where best friends. Muse knew all about Prudence’s father abusing her but kept their mouth shut. Now the two find themselves living in the same town Muse cannot keep the secret any longer, adding further strain to their relationship.


Get the hell out of my café – Muse enters Prudence’s café Tea for Two demanding money (for whatever reason: Dare? Desperate?) but Prudence stands up for herself and demands they leave before she calls the cop, or kicks their ass. Prudence worked hard to build up her café and she wasn’t about to let some stranger come in and ruin it.


Beautiful day isn’t it? Let me catch my breath -  Prudence and Muse have a love of keeping fit outdoors and both decide to go on one of the longest, most gruelling hikes of their lives. The trail goes up the steepest of mountains but if you make it up you are rewarded with a beautiful scene.  The ‘death trail’ as it’s been dubbed as most people don’t even get halfway up before they quit. The two end up meeting at the top and enjoy the beautiful scene together.


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