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12/06/2017 12:41 PM 

Hanukkah Intro

Janet Van Dyne had gotten the word from her former husband Hank Pym.  There was a Hanukah celebration at Tranquility City that was surely to be of interest to her.   Janet wasn’t Jewish, but she was a social butterfly and she liked to go to all the holiday parties.  It was part of who she was as a debutante daughter of a multi-millionaire named Vernon Van Dyne.  This party was one that she wasn’t going to miss.  How many times could one say she’d attended a party on the Moon?  She left her new little kitten Kandor in the care of kitten sitter as she headed off to the party.  This was something that was going to go into the record books.

The former wife of Hank Pym had various methods of travel at her disposal.   She was still an Avenger after all.  She gained access to a Quinjet that could get her to the moon.   Janet was dressed in one of her finest designs for such a grand occasion.  She was still trying not to get too overly giddy because of the fact she was about to party on the moon.  This was something she should have been used to by now, but this was a party of the next level.

Over the years, both Jan and Hank had partied with some of the best and brightest names in mostly the hero community.   There was a Hanukkah party one time at the Baxter Building where Jan and Sue were taking bets on how fast that Ben would kill Johnny for one too many pranks in front of God and everyone.   As she sat on the Quinjet, she felt herself smile as old memories seemed to come nigh once more.  

Leaving Earth’s atmosphere had very little effect on her.  The atmospheric compensation had worked brilliantly.  Usually there was no problems whatsoever.  Keeping the equipment in working order meant that the Avengers could go anywhere they were needed.  Janet being a founding Avenger did invoke some perks with her position.   She crossed her legs smoothing out her skirt.  She’d brought a gift with her that she would present to the Majestra once she arrived.  She’d used some Pym Particles to shrink the gift.  It had been a beautiful antique tea and coffee set.  Jan had heard that the Majestra was fond of coffee.

As the approach continued toward their destination, Janet looked out the nearest window.   Everything she’d heard about Tranquility City was correct.  The reports simply did not do it justice.  She was getting more and more excited to see this incredible work of art that was a city on the moon.  She knew that there had been life on the moon because of the Inhumans and King Blackbolt.  This was just something so entirely /better/. The Quinjet communicated with the appropriate authorities on Tranquility City announcing the arrival of Ms Janet Van Dyne.   


Docking maneuvers and permissions were granted for the Quinjet to land.   Janet was already prepared at a moments notice to disembark the Quinjet.   She started down the ramp to be immediately speechless with the grandeur of Tranquility City.    “Ms Van Dyne, please follow me.”   Janet turned her head in acknowledgement of the greeting party that came to see her upon landing.   She couldn’t speak yet because she didn’t know what to say.   

The vast decorations all for the Festival of Lights was humbling.  She knew very well the story of the miracle of Hanukkah.   Having been married to Hank for as long as she was, Janet knew a great many things.   She wasn’t an empty headed rich girl.  She was smarter than many gave her credit for on more than one occasion.

She was led to the main hall where she was told that the Majestra would be waiting.  Janet double checked herself to ensure that no hair was out of place and that her clothing was presentable.   One had to make a good impression on royalty when one met for the first time.   The steps continued in the main hall of the palace.   Janet soon beheld the most heavenly smells that she could have ever imagined.    She ran her hand over her stomach to keep it from growling too loud.  That would have been absolutely horrific to have that happen in public!   She’d surely die of embarrassment.

Janet decided to use her Pym Particles to enlarge her gift to normal size.  It was exquisitely wrapped in the finest paper with a silk bow.     She presented the gift to her escort.  “This is a gift for the Majestra.  May I present it to her when I meet her?”   She asked to be sure of proper protocol.

Her escort nodded.  “You may, but first.”   He pulled out a hand held scanner.  It was not going to damage the gift, it was just to ensure that the gift would not bring any damage to their monarch.   Satisfied that the gift was nothing harmful to the Majestra, they continued their path through the palace to the appointed place.   The escort took the gift from Janet and would present it to Rowe once Janet was in the same room with her.

Janet cast her gaze upon the incredible feast before them.   “This is incredibly breathtaking!”   She touched her fingers to her chest over her heart as she took in the divine glory of such a holiday celebration.    She tried not to seem too much like an awestruck schoolgirl.


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