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December 15th, 2017

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Gender: Male

Age: 49
Country: United States

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December 05, 2017



12/05/2017 11:15 PM 

The Smartass Angel ( a very unique bio)

What you thought I was dead? 
Oh No Heavens no 
I lied, I'm very much alive. 
I just enjoy living a life in a new vessel. Suits me well no? 

What exactly am I? 
I'm an Angel, moron. I fell from Heaven after some type of freak accident. 
I told my other brothers and sisters to let the others know I was killed upon impact. 
What you expect me to just go back to my roots? Please I rather live and be free. 

What are my powers? 
Simple Enough, I heal, I fight, I stand my ground to be among you humans who 
I see have a hard time understanding "don't die" I don't need a blade to hunt. I think it before I 
Blow my enemies away. 

What is my day time job? 
A normal 24 hour job of being an FBI because why the hell not. 
Plus I have a gun which makes it even fun for me. 

Any weaknesses? 
I did fell in love with a wonderful man who sadly was killed 
by a demom, I was to late to save him. I knew in my heart he wouldn't want to be revive
So I had to follow his decision. It's not easy but I respect it. 
My desire to fight came from him, He's the reason I fight for humanity. 

What do you enjoy? 
Bars, Ladies and Men, Music and a walk on the beach. 

My personality? 
I'm an easy guy to get along with 
I can be very silly and often times can be stubborn. 

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Trickster Sweetness


He gets it all from me -smirked with sarcasaim-

Posted on Tue Dec 05, 2017, 23:42

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