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11/13/2017 11:19 PM 

Dare to Defy

Morgan Le Fay is half-faerie, an ancient magical race originating from Otherworld who access Earth via Britain and Ireland. They are closely related to the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, one of the Nine Worlds of Asgardian Cosmology.

Across the vast expanse of time and space, there was always one constant.    The universe was a unique symbiosis of good, evil and neutrality.   There were such beings in the universe that were the epitome of good.  There were just as many who were the personification of ancient evil.   Morgan LeFay was an ancient evil that dated back several centuries.  The sorceress with faerie blood had been the scourge of the forces of good ever since the day the valiant knight Jason Blood was corrupted by his love for the sorceress herself.  His sentence to eternally be bound to the demon Etrigan had been a curse that caused him to be her mortal enemy for the next six centuries.

One of Blood’s alliances had brought him into contact with the Dark Knight of Gotham City.   Being an ally of Jason Blood immediately brought The Batman into the crosshairs of Morgan LeFay.   The Justice League as a whole had invoked her ire countless times over the years.   The Amazon Princess stood at the side of the Dark Knight.   This crossing with Themyscira had incited an interesting turn with the Greeks in the eyes of Morgan LeFay.   In her eyes, they would all perish.

The raven tresses of the immortal sorceress trailed behind her as she made her way through the halls of her castle.   The silent steps carried her toward her private chamber.  It was here that she’d seduced many a knight and young hero over the years that fell victim to her charms.   From here they’d marched forward to their deaths, eternal damnation or both.   The silk and finery lay upon a cluster of pillows made of goose down.   A sinful expression played upon her vibrant petals.    “Today is a good day.”   She purred in a low husky voice.    She reclined extending her sorcerer’s hand forward.  Morgan rolled her phalanges in a circular pattern.   She watched carefully as magical flames danced upon each inch.   “A good day to die.”    Her laugh would bring about a chill to the blood of any stalwart hero trapped in her clutches.  For too long, the Justice League had been a bastion for good in the realm called Midgard by her forebears.   It was now time to bring them to their knees.   

She rose from her momentary prone position to stand in front of her cauldron.   Rising both hands  into the air, she began the incantation.   “Galluogi y ddau mewn un. Gadewch i'r Byd ddod yn fy dioddefwr.”   Her voice echoed as she began the incantation.  Her allies on the Earth and in other places would be immune to her spell.   They would see the signs and know the time was now.


In Gotham City, the local airport was watching many planes land and some begin to take off.   Flight 1206 heading from Gotham to Central City was starting to taxi down the runway.   The captain was a man with a distinguished gray that decorated his temples.   He’d piloted more than 100 flights with no instance of any sort of issue.  All had gone well.   Happy families gathered watching their loved ones on the plane taxi off and head into the blue sky.    “You ready to go,  Henry?”   The Captain turned to his copilot with a happy grin on his face.  This would be his final flight before retiring.  His copilot was going to take over for him and become the Captain himself once they arrived in Central City.

“All checks are go, George.   We’re ready for take off.”   The younger man had pulled a picture of his wife and new baby out of his pocket nestling it in a nook beside the instrument panel on his side.

The captain flipped a switch and began his preflight speech.  “Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.  We’ll be taking off here momentarily heading at a cruising altitude with a straight shot all the way to Central City.  Just sit back and enjoy the flight Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you for flying with Gotham Air.”   He clicked off the microphone and contacted the tower for clearance.

All appeared safe and sound as usual.   The 747 was a typical two class layout with approximately 540 passengers on board.   Happy families taking their first trip on an airplane heading for a wedding over in Central City, another was taking a layover in Central City before heading out to Star City.   The holidays were coming and families were ready to connect with loved ones in these joyous times not even remotely aware of what was about to befall them.

The plane took its spot on the runway. Speeding off with gravity fighting against it, the plane lifted easily.   The plane began its climb toward the acceptable cruising altitude.  The pilot looked over to his co-pilot smiling.  “What a perfect day for a quick trip to Central City.”  He mused happily.  The copilot smiled and nodded back to his friend and mentor.   The picture of his wife and new baby remained in place happily in his view.

The energy started to form at the Gotham airport.   It spread out exponentially.   It was a dome of pure magical energy.   The construct was enough to keep the citizens of Gotham imprisoned.   The 747 with the passengers heading toward a joyous time with family members came rushing full bore into the dome.   The fireball from the explosion was seen for miles around.   Every last soul on board that jet was burned to ash from the fireball that resulted from the impact.   There were 540 souls that were erased from life with the simple act of malicious intent.   Somewhere in Gotham City, a baby cried at the time her father died.

Gotham City as a whole was being encased in a magical dome.   The energy cut off any and all highways that leading out of and into the city.  Cars unable to stop were crashing into the dome while others swerved into embankments.   The loss of life of innocents was spreading like wild fire.

On a cliff overlooking the ocean, The ancestral home of Bruce Wayne was seemingly unmolested by the chaos that was unfolding in the city.   The air shimmered all around Wayne Manor.   Something was happening.   Wayne Manor was disappearing.   This was the point that Otherworld and Gotham City were merging.   The castle of Morgan LeFey was beginning to occupy the same place was Wayne Manor.   Once the magical gateway was opened.   The Castle of the Witch stood in place where Wayne Manor had once stood.  Wayne Manor was now in Otherworld while Morgan’s castle was on Earth.

The doors to the castle opened.  Demons began to flood out of the castle and pouring into the city.   “If any members of the Batman Family or the Justice League are located, bring them to me, alive.”  Morgan uttered joyfully as her orbs glittered with a delightful evil glee.


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