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Sebastian -- Neighbor -- 
One night after one of her super long shifts, Hazel is followed home be some creep. Not knowing it, Hazel did not see the guy until she was unlocking her door. Thankfully, Hazel saw Sebastian outside of his apartment across the way. Along with being super nice, caught on very quickly to what was going on. He instantly pretended to be her boyfriend; and since that day have had once a week dinners just to caught up and gossip. 

Ryker -- Friends With Benefits

Damon -- I'm So Sorry. 
Damon is put on a case that involved a new drug known as the Hulk. When people take this drug, they hallucinate and usually turn violent. When Damon's cover is blown he is injected with the drug that can only be cured by a special antidote. The one person that has been there for Hazel is now spiraling down; which means it is her turn to return the favor and help the Damon find this drug that will save him from going down a path he might be able to return from.

Brianna -- Twisted Sister 
Brianna is the one person that Hazel can count on the most. Whenever she is in need or just needs a good wine night she is there for her. It has not always been this way, but in the past few years of knowing Bri; Hazel has learned to really care for Bri in almost a sister way. She would kill for Bri if that day ever came. 

Marcus -- Hostage within Grey Corp
Late one night on the way home from work, Hazel witnesses a something go down on one of the side streets. Little did Hazel know that within that same night she would be taken against her will to a small room under the building that belonged to Grey Corp. Little do they know what they have on their hands, Hazel never will go down without a fight.

Nicky -- Drug Deals 
Hazel being from the drug world, is the person that Nicky goes to get her drugs. It is a weird relationship, but it was one that is mutual. Nicky does not take her for granted nor does Hazel. The friendship has been built a bit around the drugs. If it weren't for the drugs Nicky would not know a lot about Hazel. It is when they both do drugs together that they have learned the most about each other. Along with that, Nicky and Hazel have experienced things with each other as well. 

Prudence -- Pen Pal
Hazel and Prudence have been pen pals since she was living as a child in London. Even when Prudence moved to LA the two continued to write each other. One day when Prudence messaged Hazel; the ding come up on her Hazel's phone. It was then that the two finally got to met in person. From there its history for the friendship.

Luca -- From Different Worlds

Ryan -- Discussing
Hadley --- Discussing


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