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11/13/2017 07:05 PM 

Bullying. My issues of it.

We all have certain faces we don't particularly like and for me it is Phoebe Tonkin. Not because of her, I think she is a beautiful person and an amazing actress but because the amount of nasty people using her face on here, its really chucked me off. Since The Originals hit our tv screens I have notices an obscene amount of pages using Phoebe Tonkin. Who can blame them, she is a beautiful woman and its very easy to get pictures and gifs of her because they are everywhere, just like Nina Dobrev. What I'm going to say next a lot of people will probably think its rather controversial but hell, I don't care because I'm fairly certain I am not the only one who thinks like this. I will flat out refuse to accept any requests from anyone using Phoebe as a play by now. Over the years I have crossed paths with more than I care to remember and a lot of them (not all of them but there is a large number of) are so fricken cruel. They're just plain nasty. I mean she's a badass in the show so I get it to a certain degree but she's not a bully. Haley Marshall is not a bully and neither is Phoebe Tonkin. Most of us use certain playbys because we are fans which is lovely and I'm sure the people we are fan girling over would be very flattered to know it but I think if they knew how some people use their faces to hide behind while they bully other people, well I think they would be disgusted and ashamed. Take one that I crossed paths with a few days ago. The girl had the word Bitch in her display name so egg on my face for not picking up on it sooner that there was going to be issues. The amount of people I watched her belittle, victimise and straight up bully in status was unreal. She even tried it with me but you know, I'm one of those girls who is in a committed relationship with my block button so she didn't get very far.  Anyway, some of the things she said were just savage and people deleted because of her. When someone tried to point out to her in a status that what she was doing was bullying she didn't stop, not even for a second to think about her actions, she just went nuclear and then hopped on to some of her other pages to really lay into this girl in the most brutal way.  I reported her, I know others who did too. Yet still this clearly uneducated child is swanning around picking on anyone she can find. I hate with a passion the fact that this site let people like that get away with treating people so badly and others condone their behaviour. There is absolutely no repercussions for cyber-bullies or keyboard warriors on this site and there should be. There should be some sort of safeguarding because there are young roleplayers on here who are subjected to so much hate and abuse in real life and social media these days. This should be a safe haven not another form of hell. 

I am  not for a second saying that only people who use Phoebe Tonkin's face are bullies because I'm sure there are some nice ones out there, I just haven't had the good fortune to meet any of them yet. Yes, there are so many other people with different face claims that bully too and those of you that do bully and are reading this SHAME ON YOU!!! I am so disgusted by the level of bullying on here that I have started my own private blacklist! Something needs to be done about the bullying on here before it does go too far and someone can't cope. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it has happened already. I am all for starting a petition in the hopes of getting the site to listen.

If you are being bullied, you are  not alone. You're voice and your feeling matter, you matter. Talk to someone, anyone. My door is always open.


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