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November 19th, 2017

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May 27, 2011



11/13/2017 05:48 PM 


11/8 Agent Damon- After a turbulent marriage followed by being placed in witness protection, Agent Damon is placed in charge of Aubreighs safety. The pair grow rather close and Aubreigh offers to watch Damons daughter from time to time when he gets called in to work. As the pair grow closer, Damon becomes protective of Aubreigh especially after rumors circulate that Aubreighs ex has hired a hit man to kill her. 

11/8 Sara- After a grueling process into witness protection, Aubreigh sets off to the store for necessities. Feeling absolutely overwhelmed and tired from exhaustion, she manages to pick up only a few items and then heads to the check out area. As Aubreigh is paying for her items, a scuffle nearby catches her ear. Looking over, she can tell it seems to be a domestic dispute. Aubreigh tries to avert her eyes and keep out of the business of others. It isn't until she hears an all too familiar sound of a slap that she jumps into motion. Aubreigh runs over to Sara and begins to stand up fr the young woman. Pushing the man about as if he didn't tower over her entirely. Angering him, she see's his body tense and manages to move out of the way as he then tries to strike her as well. Aubreigh maneuvers around him and puts him in a hold that keeps him rather immobile until the police arrive and take him in. From that moment, Sara and Aubreigh become friends. 

11/13 Viktor was another law enforcement agent placed on Aubreighs case. Working a little behind the scenes, Viktor catches word Aubreigh might be in danger as it is believed that her husband hired someone to kill her despite not knowing where she is. 

11/13 Flynn is a doctor that has seen & treated Aubreigh in the past. So it came as a bit of a shock when she moved in across the way. Aubreigh had always thought Flynn was attractive and wanted to talk to him but she never really knew how. Then one night, the power went off. Aubreigh set up candles all over her apartment but had no matches or even a lighter to light them. So, with candle in hand, she walked to Flynns apartment to see if he would light her candles. 

11/15 Lilly is a model at Aubreighs store. (More info to come)

11/15 Sebastian & Aubs meet while he is playing a gig where she bar tends. (More to come) 


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