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some days i am more wolf than woman.

–lα lσвα;

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February 14th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 31
Country: United States

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September 30, 2017


10/11/2017 10:58 PM 

—Never Never Audition;

Character Basics

Face Claim: Eva Mendes

Name: Oshina “Osha” Kovac

Age|Age Appearance: 495: 31

Species: Werewolf

Desired Affiliation: Red Pack/Seelie

Date of Birth: September 22, 1522

Sexual and/or Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual


Character Depth


✘ONE: Whenever there is a big life-altering decision or event Osha cuts her hair into a short bob cut. In some cultures, this represents ridding yourself of the old and allowing new life to grow. Osha wholeheartedly thinks that this belief is rooted in something truthful and has felt the weight of the past lift from her shoulders when she chooses to do so. Life altering moments persist of things such as: the birth of someone special, the death of a loved one, and she has even cut her hair after every initiation of a new pack member.
✘TWO:Is obsessed with family history and origin stories, and believes that they often have links to past that can be important for contemporary times. She is quite proud that her mother is of Aztec descent and buries herself into any literature she can find pertaining to the culture, including old myths, information on healing tinctures, and so forth.
✘THREE:Her father taught her to speak Spanish before English, and she has kept secret journals all written in Spanish since she was fifteen. As the Kovac’s have a Germanic descent, she can also speak fluent German, and over the course of her lifetime has learned various romance languages such as French and Italian, and even learned Latin for the sake of making languages easier to master.
✘FOUR:Osha is independent on her own accord; growing up without a mother she learned how to be a woman all on her own. Despite her father having another wife, she never grew close to the woman. While she did not dislike her, she sought to be the opposite of what she viewed to be a meek nature, and instead surrounded herself with all aspects being strong and forthright about her passions or any decisions in life. She believes that being a woman doesn't equate to being lesser than a man, even if her father's perspective often meant she had to play down her beliefs.

Osha is first and foremost loyal. She would do anything to ensure that her pack’s safety is never threatened and extends the same fierce protectiveness over those she cares about. She is not outwardly trusting, and takes a while to warm up to others, but when she does it can be assumed you’re in her good graces. She only believes in one additional chance, a sort of ‘fool me once shame on me’ attitude and trust means everything to her. Blunt, and straightforward she often lacks sensitivity when it comes to other’s feelings and instead chooses to be honest and realistic even if it comes off the wrong way. Independent, she very solemnly relies on others and hates the feeling of being ‘indebted’ to anyone and often chooses to do things on her own if she can help it. Her pack is her family, and she takes her role as alpha very seriously and would sooner rather give up her life than see them hurt.


1.) King Abelio: After hearing from Eadwyn a rumor that the queen may have a weapon that can falter the rebellion’s momentum, Osha seeks out a way to gather inside information without drawing too much attention. She tries to gain the King’s trust, through compliments regarding the way he runs his throne and through subtle remarks which linger on a thin line of suggestive. Knowing that the King would do anything to protect his wife, despite his annoyance by her, Osha seeks to find a way where he would come to trust her and see her as necessary to keep around. She knows that this is a dangerous task, and goes against her want to be keep herself out of the rebellion publicly, but believes it’s ‘subtle’ approach could be a saving grace should the mission ever go wrong. While normally assigning dangerous tasks of the sort to her beta, she instead chooses to do this on her own in order to keep her pack safe and tries to play her role well enough to not garner any suspicion. It is unknown to her how the King sees her at this point but she believes she’s worked her way up to being considered a “strong ally for the fae.”
2.) Eadwyn Smith: Respect. Loyalty. Despite being in two different packs, Osha has always seen Eadwyn as a figure to admire; his quiet demeanor and horrific past (which she learns of through Alan) ignites a lot of respect in the woman whom understands what it’s like to feel so loyal to your pack. Osha sees his quiet nature as something to be respected, and is motivated by the fact that he chooses to maintain his sanity as an act of defiance against the Seelies. She believes that this sort of protest, while not how she’d do things, speaks volumes about how much of a fighter he is. Thus, an attraction develops overtime that becomes hard to ignore for Osha.


“Is it wickedness? Is it weakness? You decide; are we gonna live or die?”

Year: 2013

The media news outlets raged on a twenty-four-hour rotation about the audacity of the new social activist group rising in popularity; gripping the edge of her seat and through gritted teeth, Osha fought back the urge to break the television in half. It was just like the 60s, minority lives were deemed less important and not even the death of a child seemed to change the rhetoric.

Ay por favor!” She said loudly, standing up from her seat and walking away from the source of her frustration. Almost fifty years passed since she marched alongside millions of people in Washington D.C. and yet all the protests and action towards freedom seemed to fall short; why were they still living in a world where the same patterns persisted? No matter the answer, she fought alongside those humans whom resembled her in more than just physical attributes; she fought for those whom were seen as something less than human, and for those who maintained a fighting spirit that surpassed any measurable level in the face of danger. Those were the days that lit a fire in her belly, urging her to fight for change and free her people from the clutches of the fae. Yet if almost five hundred years of life in her world taught her anything, it was that timing was everything.

Flashback—Year: 1966

Time was the true master of all species, offering them all points in their lives for pivotal change…or at least that was what Osha thought the day she saw him. Amidst the raging screams for peace and change stood a man, Lucas Flynn. So out of place, his calm demeanor stopped the woman in her tracks—time froze. How odd he seemed, observing the members of the Black Panther Party demand justice and equal rights. Osha’s arm, extended into a fist in the air, fell and she caught herself watching him in his curious state. Slowly she made her way through the crowds, certain that he’d seen her too.

“What brings someone like you to this event?” She asked boldly, eyes unwavering from his.

She wasn’t sure what she had said or done to trigger the smile on his face as she hadn’t particularly thought her question was funny or anything less than serious, but she suddenly found herself laughing unexpectedly. “I reckon the same thing you are. Fighting. Learning…observing.” He retorted, the smile unwavering.

“I guess silent participation is your way of fighting…though I happen to think your voice is more likely to elicit change, don’t you?” Osha asked, eyebrow rising to test the man.

He seemed confused by her answer and shook his head, “Silence too, can make a statement.”

Osha didn’t happen to agree, but something in his certainty drew her to want to know more. The event now long forgotten led her to an evening of discussion about the importance of change, how silence was dangerous and passiveness was just the same as doing nothing. Yet while both disagreed on just about everything, something changed that evening for her; for once in her life she retreated to a middle ground she hadn’t known existed inside of her. How much she regretted that day…why couldn’t time have given her a different moment?

Year: 2013

“EARTH TO OSHA.” Isa snapped at her. She blinked suddenly looking at her friend and sighed.

“S-sorry I wa—”

“Lost in some distant memory hopefully not about tu sabes quien.”

Eyes rolled and she shook her head, waving a hand to ignore her friend’s comment knowing full well she was right and she knew it. She handed her a note and Osha took it, brows furrowing in confusion. With a quick thank you she left Isa alone, sneaking off to a quiet room in the large house that housed her pack. Etched in neat script she read The Burnt Forest.

Osha could almost hear his voice coming from the note. The elegant hand writing was far too uncommon to belong to anyone else. Eadwyn. The English dialect rang in her hear. How long had it been since she last spoke to him? It was rare that he’d seek her out under such short notice, and this surely meant that he had important news to share. Even more so, those who knew Osha well knew that she’d never operate openly in public unless it was an urgent manner; the beta of her pack served as the liaison between her and those secretly involved (whether minor or not) in the rebellion.

The silence of the Burnt Woods was one that seeped inside of Osha and clung to her soul; she often found peace here, the forest serving as a reliable constant should one ever need it. The woman knew where he’d be, deep within the forest to parts only wolves seemed to wander, and yet the phase of the moon implied that they’d have very little company that evening.

“Eadwyn…” Osha said quietly when she saw the familiar large frame of the man; even in his quiet nature he seemed to have control of the air around him, a control she came to respect.

“I thought you ought to know, there’s a rumor, but I think it rings a tune of truth.”

“I’m listening.” A calm steady voice replied, natural enough to not draw too much attention to any prying ears; she had become rather nervous with her minimal involvement, afraid for the safety of her pack.

“The queen…it’s rumored she has a weapon. One that can make things rather difficult for us.”

Chocolate brown eyes met his light hues, widened from the news, though her demeanor revealed nothing about her thoughts. “Then we tread lightly.” She concluded, looking around them for signs of any intruders, despite knowing deep down they were as alone as the last green leaf in a sea of orange.


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