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God's Greatest Monster Dracula

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November 7th, 2017

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10/11/2017 04:51 PM 

Blood at Church

There is NO god that can save you

Vlad watched the world burn at his fingertips, his armies slaughtered those that dared to come too close and dared to raise their rules and laws to his kingdom. He wouldn't have many of it. He ordered all warriors of his enemies to be killed. No one was to leave that battlefield alive and he would slay anyone that came back with no blood on their hands.

His warriors went and they did as their king desired and too from there was the dangerous blood moon and he too felt the small urge of blood that yearned to drink but he refused. He had been created by God to punish wicked people, to destroy the worms of this earth and yet he was unable to bring himself to drink any blood. But he knew this wouldn't last he had to drink or he endanger his own people.

So one night he knew he had to leave the castle and with sadness he left with no words no trace and with that he fled into the night his eyes red as blood itself as his fangs bared. Whoever first walked into his stare would be his victim his thirst too great to be stopped even if his victim was a child. He stared into the night and quickly looked for any lone soul and finding a drunk priest sauntering back into the church he growled lowly.

he followed the drunken priest as he smirked gently and watched the man and came closer to him fangs bared and spoke in a  cool tone "Oh dearest father I must speak with you, urgent news" he spoke as the drunken priest turned slightly "Vlad I do not have time its nearly two in the morning" he said but he never got to say anything else as Vlad lunged his teeth sank into the priest's neck sharply.

He drank slowly as the man screamed and struggled but the counts jaws stayed locked onto their target drinking the mans lifeforce from his body. When done he dropped the limp body and smirked gently.

"thank you, father, for your time" and with an explosion of bats, he was gone back for the castle hoping his secret of what and who he stayed as he didn't need his army or his people to revolt.

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God's Greatest Monster Dracula


Oh thank you dearly!

Posted on Wed Oct 11, 2017, 19:10

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