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August 13, 2017


08/17/2017 09:51 PM 

Most Wanted

Here you will be able to find characters that are most wanted by current members. If you have questions, concerns, etc. Please contact either this page or the page which is listed under connections. All of our members are very friendly so do not hesitate to contact them.


NAME: Patches: Real name-Up to writer ( as he was kidnapped so him and Lucky would most likely have different last names.)

FROM: 101 Dalmatians 

PLAYBY: Andrew Biersack 

POSITIVE TRAITS: Family oriented, smart, has hidden kindness. 

NEGATIVE TRAITS: cocky, selfish, arrogant 

OCCUPATION: Writers Choice

CONNECTION (s): lucky //twin brother - 

STORYLINE: Lucky and Patches Mom died during their birth, their father running out from being scared causes them to end up somewhere else and apart. Lucky gets kidnapped from Cruella, They grow up apart and finally meet down the road as adults. 


OTHER IMPORTANT FACTS/COMMENT: Ezra only ask for the storyline to be somewhat dark, please contact him with any questions.


NAME: Geno Siegmund

FROM: Bambi (tail end)

PLAYBY: Simon Nessman 

POSITIVE TRAITS: Loyal, Protective, Witty (Writer does have some freedom to edit the personality traits as they see fit)

NEGATIVE TRAITS: Cocky, Domineering, Insincere (Writer does have some freedom to edit the personality traits as they see fit)

OCCUPATION: University Student, (this is open to have added on to)

CONNECTION (s): Gurri (twin sister)

STORYLINE: Geno was always protective of Gurri. Despite the fact that Gurri, like their father, had the ability of Chlorokinesis, the laws prohibiting magic in Auradon kept his sister from growing in her ability and confidence. Because of it, Geno felt like it was his responsibility to be her confidence and protector. And that’s what he was until the land became Zivirst and he went missing. What happened? Where did he go? And what will happen when he finds out that Gurri, growing in her powers, no longer needs him as her confidence and protector? (After this, the writer has creative freedom to develop and write the story as they wish)


OTHER IMPORTANT FACTS/COMMENTS: The brother/sister dynamic between Guri and Geno is going to be based from the Riverdale twins Cheryl and Jason, so please have some degree of familiarity of their TV show relationship dynamic.

Also, I didn’t give Geno a power like Gurri. However, if you’d like him to be, you can give him an nature/animal based ability. Just run it by me please and thank you. Maybe he doesn’t realize he has any until after Zivirst comes to be. wink wink Who knows? Or we can play the jealous brother card now that Gurri is able to finally use hers.


NAME: Jabberwocky - Can make a real name up if you wish

FROM: Wonderland

PLAYBY: Jord Liddell

POSITIVE TRAITS: up to writer. 

NEGATIVE TRAITS: up to writer.

OCCUPATION: Owner and doctor at Wocky Asylum

CONNECTION (s): Gurri, Panic and Merliss - And anyone who is linked to the Asylum. 

STORYLINE: Speak with Panic  


OTHER IMPORTANT FACTS/COMMENT: Will come with a edited layout from Sera {the owner} and some premades


NAME: Azrael

FROM: Little Mermaid - Son of Flotsam and Jetsam.

PLAYBY: Kris Wu (non-negotiable).

POSITIVE TRAITS: Loyal, determined, self-confident

NEGATIVE TRAITS: Arrogant, detached, flirtatious

OCCUPATION: Up to writer. 

CONNECTION (s): Merlissa (ex-girlfriend)

STORYLINEMerlissa and Azrael have been friends since they were little- they always found ways to hang out because Morgana hated anything to do with her sister, being Azrael's parents were friends with Ursula it was forbidden to be together- but this only made them want to be together.. when high school started was when they dated, everything was perfect until Merlissa murdered the child in their class and was shipped off to Wocky Aslyum, he came to visit her for two months, but noticed a change.. and knew it was that owner of the place. He felt the man was using her as a puppet which caused them to break up- but still are friends, but Azrael is determined to show Merlissa who Wocky really is and, that he is the one whos been there.


OTHER IMPORTANT FACTS/COMMENTS: Merlissa and Azrael will have a bicker type of friendship. They are such a**holes to each other but loyal to the death.


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