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Gold Lining

First comes the blessing of all that you've dreamed, But then comes the curses of diamonds and rings. Only at first did it have its appeal, but now you can't tell the false from the real.


Statues and empires are all at your hands, water to wine and the finest of sands. When all that you have's turnin' stale and it's cold, oh you'll no longer fear when your heart's turned to gold. Who can you trust?

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November 18th, 2017

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July 02, 2015


08/12/2017 09:53 PM 

Weekly Mission #42

Alice had just walked into the office when Taylor, her assistant, greeted her near the elevator. "Miss Watson?<" Taylor greeted her with a questioning tone. "I told him to wait..." Taylor hesitated. "But he just barged right into your office without an appointment." Taylor looked as if she had failed Alice. Alice trusted Taylor with everything.

"Taylor, it's okay you know how Mr. Dallas can be." Alice started for her office.

"But it's not Mr. Dallas." Taylor hesitated to say more. "He claims to be your..." Traylor stopped from saying more. Taylor knew that the information couldn't be true as Alice had told her he had died in combat.

"He claims to be my what Taylor?!?" Alice had never once raised her voice at Taylor and she wasn't going to if at all possible now. She glared at her office door.

"Your husband miss." Taylor let the words rush from her lips. "He claims to be your husband, Miss Watson."

Alice turned to look fully at her office door. The shock of who was behind door number one was heavy on her. Taylor was right. It couldn't be him. He had died in combat before Gracie had turned a year old. "Call security." Alice instructed Taylor as she walked to the door. The terror came flooding to her as she placed her hand on the handle to her office door. The moment of truth was upon her. Would she open the door to find her dead husband standing in her office or someone playing a cruel trick on her?

She turned the handle bracing herself. Entering her office slowly she recognized the unruly hair and the stance. He held a picture of Gracie up looking at their daughter. The breath she had just taken was caught in her throat. The husband she had believed to be dead all these past years was alive and well in her office. Holding a picture of her and Gracie at the park. Abby had been the one to take the picture of them. She had joined them on the outing that day.

"You are supposed to be..." Alice started to stammer the last word. "d-d-d-dead." She finally got the last word out.

"Oh and here I thought you'd be so happy to see me Alice." her husband responded to her greeting. "I have been trying to talk to you for weeks." He walked behind her closing and locking the door. "I saw that photo being taken. And when I saw you smile." He placed a hand on the back of her neck. "And when I saw you smile that beautiful smile..." He paused. "I just knew then and there that I wanted you back. I wanted my family back."

Alice stood their wordlessly. The things she had had in her hands lay scattered about the floor from where she had dropped them. She flinched the moment he touched her. The memories of the abuse coming back to her before the relief of his death.

A pounding on her office door brought her back to the presence. "GET OUT!" She yelled. "GET OUT AND DON'T COME BACK HERE!" She saw the anger in his eyes. She had been on the receiving end of that anger many times.

"I will be back Alice." He unlocked the door. "I will have what I came back for even if it's the last thing I do." He opened the door exiting her office.

"Make sure he leaves the grounds." Alice told her head of security. "And get that picture back from him." She had noticed it still in his hands as he left her office.


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