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08/12/2017 05:07 PM 


Follow the f-u-c-k-i-n-g rules.

I will try to keep it short, because I myself don't like sitting here reading a bunch of rules. Although some of this will not be said right if it is only put in a couple of sentences. So please read, it is all said for a reason. Good one at that. DO NOT SIGN WITH “READ AND UNDERSTOOD” . You have two weeks to read, sign and discuss a story line before I delete you off of my list.

1 .Disclaimer -- I am not the talented Jeffery Dean Morgan. Nor do I claim to be.

2. Age restriction – I will not RP with anyone under the age of 18. I'm over the age of 18, and it is wrong to write with any one under the legal age. Simply because I write graphic scenes. Some call it “Mature content”. I love fights, blood, gore (the more graphic the gore scenes, the happier I am.)

3.Discussing SL – I don't mind OPEN starters, NOT random starters. An open story line gives both characters a chance to introduce themselves to their new writers. Gives them both a good detailed way to come into a story line. Meaning the characters do not meet up in the starter. Also in the open starter, please give background of what is going on, where they are and what they intend to do,not just some random scene. I like details. I want to know what they are thinking, feeling, what they want to do. Not just what they ARE doing or where every wrinkle is on their face. – Now for random starters. I don't like it where you write something random, I have no idea what the f-u-c-k you're doing and our characters just suddenly know each other? We haven't discussed any sort of story line. I want to know what the plot is. I like BRAINSTORMING Not writing it all out but, highlighting the important parts. If I receive a random starter I will delete it. If you have read my rules and I still receive a random starter, I will delete you at the same time. Am I makin' myself clear? Yes? GOOD. 

4. Multi-Para – I write 4+ with each reply. Now I do make exceptions for those who I'm enjoying the story line  with and the writer is amazing. I will accept 3+ but, please make them juicy! Seeing how that would be hard, you must be a hell of a writer. I understand that sometimes in a story, you can't write six paras. But what you do write needs to be well thought out and going somewhere. I will not write anything below 3 paragraphs. Lets face it, You won't be going very far with 2. There are 4-5, some even say 5-6 sentences to make a paragraph. Please do not send me 10-20 sentences in one paragraph. Please know when to cut your paragraph..

·         DO NOT claim to be anything you are not. If you're not Multi para, don't tell me you are. Why would you want to try and be something you aren't? The reason we have One liner/Para/Multi-para/Novella, is so we can distinguish where you are in your writing and who you are compatible with. I'm trying to find people to RP with that is on my level of writing. I get disappointed when I find out that you're not what you say you are and you give me less than what you made it seem it would be.. I want DETAILS in the story. I want to know emotions and scenery. The smell and everything in between. I won't give warnings,  I will delete.

Literacy – That is very important.

Here is the definition.

1. a. Able to read and write.

b. Knowledgeable or educated in a particular field or fields.

2. Familiar with literature; literary.

3. Well-written; polished: a literate essay.

On that note. I will only accept book format. No text talk, period! I don' t want you to talk to me as if your the character. No “I walked up to you and said “shut the f*** up..” Book format. Third person only. Spell CHECK please!! I take the time on EVERY reply and write it on word, then spell CHECK AND word count. If I don't feel I have written enough then I write more. Although I will not force myself to write a bunch of bullsh!t. If I feel that it is at a good point then I will leave it. There is no reason to add a bunch of bullsh!t just to make it long. I do at least 500-1000 per reply. I take writing very seriously and I'm passionate about it. That is the only reason I'm even here. I take pride in what I write so please do the same will ya?

--I delete crappy writers. And let's face it, there are crappy writers. Although, everyone has the potential to do great, most won't even try. So for those who don't try, I remove. What is the point of keeping someone on my list if they aren't even serious about their character or their writing? -_- I'm here to RP and I don't want you on my page if you don't put effort in your writing. Lets get this straight before I go on. I define a crappy writer as someone who I know is not putting effort in their replies. I also look at rules and starters as introduction to your character and your writing abilities. You want to put your best in them.

5. I write Tobias Gallagher— I control his actions, his words, his emotions. I control if he takes a piss or if he gets knocked on the ass. I decided whether or not he wants to walk with you or kick you in the face. Not you. You should be worrying about YOUR CHARACTER, and your character ONLY.  If you do so with Daryl, that will just prove that you're not equipped enough to control your own. Now if you want to speed things up and say traveling, or arriving at a destination just let me know and I don't mind. I'm very laid back, I just like to be kept in the loop. (This is referred to as God Moding.)

6. PLEASE come to me with original stories. I don't want to rewrite the episodes/movies (Depending on who I crossover with). I want to come up with stories and write what I see not what the writers of the show/movie saw. Be creative. Lets make our OWN episode/ movie scene.

·         I create all my own photos. I mark them all and I know my work. If I did not make them myself then my wife or a friend made them, either way they are marked and custom made. So please do not steal my stuff. Don't add me just to steal my stuff and delete me thinking that I won't know that you took it. It's childish. If you happen to like my stuff and want me to make you something, all you have to do is ask. If I have time I will. I seem nice now but if you steal my s-h-i-t, I won't be so nice and you won't like me.

7. I don't want to get personal. I don't want to know about you. I'm simply here to write that is it. I don't want to make friends. I do have some but I must have known you for a good while. So when you message me about a story line lets keep it in that range. I do like casual conversation though. I just don't want to get personal. I'm always up for discussing a good original story plot! With that said, all SL discussions will only be held in message. If I get one in comments, I ignore it and delete it. I don't know why. It bugs the hell out of me. I can't tell you why. We all have are pet-peeves and naks. This is one of mine. So please keep OOC in story line and IC in messages. I don't care if you stay in character the entire time but I only want replies in comments and comments ONLY!! (With this being said, I do chit-chat and talk. You can contact me on my AIM which will be at the bottom of my rules.)

8 . Drama- I really don't like drama and I don't like drama starters ,so if you start drama with ANYONE in my connections including myself, I will delete you. Unless it is in character. I find IC drama and fights fun! Especially in status comments. I find it funny. This rules is small but it is the most important and the most in-forced rule on here. So if you get deleted please don't try adding me back. Don't throw a hissy fit, or don't go crying to others if you get deleted. I don't care if you get all pissed and go post bulletins and what not, I couldn't give a sh*t. :D Seems fair enough. I read and sign your rules (and most people say 'no drama' these days and are nothing but simply drama starters.) But I still sign. I'm not stirring up anything for you. And to be honest ,its just childish. I'd rather just keep to myself and do what I love the most and that is writing.

9. Patience is a virtue- Please don't hassle me for replies. Sometimes I'm on here and I just simply can't wrap my head around writing so I decide to just do something else. Or I'm having a interesting chat in status comments. Or I want to work on my page or fiddle with the rules and blogs. I will not reply to comments every time I log on. Please comment this blog with something funny and creative in character. If you don't then I will assume you didn't read my rules and I will delete you. I already know that I can't always concentrate the way that I want to or I'm on my phone and I can't reply from my phone. I spell check and re-write (if I do word count and re-read it, and it wasn't to my my taste) all my replies. So there are times I can only get to one reply because I get carried away with my writing, kind of like how I am right now. So please don't hassle me with them. I will wait for your reply because I know your just as busy. There are times that I will shoot you a message after four days or so just making sure you remember because there are times when I get distracted with other things and forget to jot it down that I needed to send someone a starter. I'm sorry to say but if I feel your not putting effort into your writing after we discussed it them I'm gong to just delete you. I'm not here to teach you how to write. I'm sorry. That ties in with put just as much effort as I do.

10.This shouldn't even have to be said but I won't be a number. I won't add someone who has a 100 friends because I know you don't have 100 story lines going and you have room for more because it doesn't work like that. I just simply won't be a number.

11. FLIRTING- I'm not down for that sh*t. I'm married in real life, and my wife is a writer as well. She is my only love interest. She will be the only one that I'm flirtatious with. I will not deal with anyone flirting. You will get deleted without warning. That isn't so hard is it? Just be respectful and keep you thoughts and comments to yourself. I don't tolerate jokes or any insinuations of you flirting. I know this might be an issue for some, or just seem silly, but to us it isn't. We are very possessive of each other If you can't handle this, then get the f*** off my page. I'm not here to f*** you, or play out your dirty fantasies because you can't get laid in real life. I'm here to write. I'm here to layout all the creativity and imagination that is floating in my head into stories. I'm not here to find a love interest. I already have one.

·         If you have a problem with her, and you two don't write, I won't write with you. We try and keep the same mains unless one of us isn't interested in writing with a particular character. But if you insult, bash or start drama with one of us, then you do with the both of us. We come as a package and we are very defensive of eachother. We won't start sh*t, or go out of our way and do something for no f***ing reason. We just don't feel comfortable writing with someone if the other isn't writing because of some fall out.

12. RAPE & KILLING ANIMALS- I love Horror. I love Gore, blood, killing, haunting, stalking, etc. But what I don't like is WRITING out rape, animal killing and child killing. I get it happens in horror. I know some might be in your storyline, that is totally up to you. Although in no way am I going to write rape, (or allow your character to rape me or someone in a storyline). I'm not going to write with someone who is killing animals. Yes, I understand that killing animals is the first sign of a serial killer, and a social path, etc. But I don't want to write it out. It is my preference. If you don't like it, don't complain about it, just delete me. Just because I don't like these doesn't mean I don't belong in horror, it doesn't mean that I don't know anything about. It is just two preferences that really bother me. I don't like it. I know it is the past or history, etc. But to actually have it in the story line we are actually writing, I'm not down for that. I don't want to see pics of your character killing animals who are harmless, or raping people. Yes I understand if you have to kill to eat. I'm southern. I grew up in the country. But to do it for sh*ts and giggles, I don't like it.  Don't post pictures of your character raping other people. I don't want to write with you if you are a rapist. Now getting raped, or having an animal killed, or being molested are completely different. There are a lot of people who have been raped, and it is horrible. Absolutely horrible. Pets have been murdered. It is sad and pathetic that it even happens. So I don't want to write with you if you get a joy out of writing it. Who knows what goes on in your head. People tend to write characters they feel connected to. So if you are into that and enjoy writing it, then I want nothing to do with you.

This does not mean i'm not fit for horror verse.  Some of the best horror movies didn't rape or kill animals. The SAW movies. They were amazing. There were no rape or killing animals. That is just one example. So don't tell me i'm not fit because I don't want to write rape scenes with you or killing animals, or see you post pictures of people getting raped and you loving it. It disgusts me. Rape isn't a good, or cool thing. It is terrible. end of story.

Original CharactersI'm very very picky when it comes to writing with an original character. I have seen a lot of characters just thrown together. They will throw them in as if they were apart of the show the entire time and make them already connected to characters. That is not ORIGINAL. The whole meaning behind Original Character is having an ORIGINAL CHARACTER. Someone that you have created, you created their past, their problems, their story. I want someone who can write an original character and make their story come alive. I want to write with someone who I can see fit into TWD, as if it is going to be on the next episode. But I don't want someone is affiliated with one of the canon characters who aren't. Unless it is going by the comics. Daryl doesn't have a daughter, nor has he ever taken care of one as if it was his. He will do his best to get them to saftey but he won't father them. He had ONE brother, and a father. Please come to me with something original, that you made. And you just happen to put them in TWD Then we can have our charcters cross paths. But come up with it yourselves, don't take the writers ideas and make it YOUR story when it isn't. This is one of my biggest pet-peeves. I can't stand it when people claim to have an original character and just make it connected to someone else like a sibling or one came to me and her story was already written that Daryl was like a father to her. I don't like that.

Gender-Bent- I'm not a huge fan of this. Unless it is see-able, like with Beth. She was originally a guy in the show. The characters are created the Gender that they are. They weren't made to be the oppisote of what the creaters made them. Well, actually the comic book writer. So I'm sorry, but unless it is like Beth who was originally a guy in the comics, i'm not interested in Gender bent TWD characters. Now if your from another show or an original (which I doubt) Or something, then maybe. But I take TWD to heart and I love all the characters as they are. And to see them get switched up, well I just don't like it.

Stalkers- I'm not down for that stalking sh*t. Don't go and add me on hundreds of pages and stalk me, spy on me etc. If we had a falling out, leave it in the past and leave me a long. I don't forgive, I don't forget. I don't re-add those I delete. If I deleted you or blocked it, it was probably for a good reason. So I leave it at that. I don't believe in 'sorrys'. They are a waste of time, and a load of bullsh*t. So don't get butt-hurt and follow me around. Don't add me on all your pages just to get your two cents in, or just to stalk me.

A few side notes.

·         I might decide to do alternate bios for my Daryl. I do love crossovers, and OC's. So once I get the chance, I'll write some out, and see where it leads.

·         Give respect to earn respect. I'm very big on respect. Even though this is written in a pin note, I don't take disrespect very well. If you are disrespectful to me, then prepare to see a whole different side of me. IF you think i'm an a**hole now, be disrespectful to me or my wife. Now if it is just roleplay, and we are f***ing around that is different. But if you approach me and are disrespectful, be prepared to get what you dishout.

·         If you have a problem with someone, that is between the two of you. I don't get in your business, so don't get in mine. Don't expect me to go and delete someone you don't like because you think we are friends. First I don't have friends, and second, I don't play that sh*t. If you don't like them, that is your problem. That was between you two. If they are on my page, then apparently I like them. If you ask me to delete them, I will delete you instead.

·         I send everyone on my list a welcome message. That way I know I have reached everyone. I don't do the MySpace childish 'if you add, you talk first' ordeal. I send out a introduction message to everyone. And if it isn't responded to within a months time, I remove them off my list. I write in TWD. Huge verse, a lot of people to get to. So I don't do personalized welcome messages unless I feel like it. It saves time, and is efficient. Gets the job done.

·         I'm not down to write with people that have nothing but provocative slutty ass pictures and claim to be in the walking dead. I don't want to see your sex scenes or naked pics on my stream, nor do I want to look at your provocative pics as your defaults. It is unrealistic and disgusting.

·         Multi-characters on one page. I really don't like this. You write your character/characters how ever you want. I may seem like a prick about this, but I can't stand it. It seems very immature. If you want a second character, then just make another page. Now if it is an OC with a bunch of characters merged together, that is different. But if you are writing several characters on one page, that bugs the hell out of me. I think it is stupid as f***, and i'm not interested in writing. 

Thank you for your time. I'm sorry about the length but it is all said for a good reason.




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Be rest assured that the rules you have set will be followed to the utmost of my ability.

Posted on Sat Aug 19, 2017, 02:02

Cassidy Wheeler


Alright, duly noted. Very well described rules, that honestly should be common sense these days. It'll be easy to abide, considering I have quite a few of these very same rules listed on my own page. Really looking forward to writing with you.

Posted on Fri Aug 18, 2017, 19:45

ᴀngel with ᴀ sʜoᴛgun


;Sighs; Very well I will follow these rules. And I will do three paragraphs for you.

Posted on Mon Aug 14, 2017, 02:28

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