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08/12/2017 05:06 PM 


The beginning.

About my character: Sullivan

This character was also created on the 2 year anniversary of me and my beautiful wife, who is also a writer on here. We actually met on here. So hopefully this will give me luck. I do hope people will love this character as much as I do.

Side note-- I write his bio in 1st person, but my replies/starters are only in 3rd person.

I'm not just going to write a small little bio and shove years worth of sh*t into one little piece. So I will be writing his life in sections. When I mean sections, I mean childhood, Teen years, why he went to jail etc. I will go in depth with my character. I can't just easily explain who he is in a small little piece. These pieces will take time, but I have been writing non stop. I will post when each new section is up, if you are interested in reading. Until I get a nice layout, I will put his life bio in blogs. The blogs will be organized into her life sections. Important events that have made him into who he is. You won't be able to understand him, unless you know what he has been through.

This character isn't just a character related to someone or stuck to a canon or a show. This character is straight from the depths of my crazy mind. I see him as a real person, with heart and soul. He will have lived a full life just as we have. So please be patient. Please understand that I will go into depth with this character, I will explain events in his life that has made him into who she is today. I will post each section, and I would appreciate if you would read them. I will also write different verses bio. But realize, he has his regular life bio, as if he is writing a memoir. The verses bios (below) will explain how she got stuck in the situation of the verse.

So far as of now [10:37 AM, 12/10/15] These are the sections I have written out, but not typed up.

  • Child hood I'm not sure if I'm finished. It explains the day his life changed for the worse.
  • How he was charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 8 years, but was released after 4.-- I will go in depth as to what happened in jail.

Do know that I'm a perfectionist, and as a writer, and developing a character, he will never be completely done.



While we are on the subject of sections, (explanations of certain events in his life), I will be doing different bios for him. I will have her merged into any verse I damn well please. His main verse will probably be Shameless. So I will write a section, going into depth, explaining h life during the time when the zombies walked. Which will also go into iZombie. So for my desired verses his, I will have his own section, bio, of how he would fit in. I will put a lot of time and effort into this. This won't be half-assed or thrown together. They will be well detailed. Like I said, he isn't based off anyone, loosely based of anyone, nor based off a show. This is a character that has been brewing in my head for a long time, and I'm finally getting him out. So below, I will be giving a list of verses that I will write a bio for. Doesn't mean I won't write with other ones, but these are the type of verses my character will fit into. He isn't an open verse character. There are verses that hhe won't be able to fit into, comedy, etc.

  • Shameless
  • The 100
  • The Walking Dead
  • American Horror Story
  • iZombie
  • WentWorth
  • Orange is the new black
  • Supernatural
  • Resident Evil

These are generic verses that I am interested in that aren't based of a show.

  • Jail based
  • Asylum based
  • Drugs
  • Crime
  • Horror
  • Zombies
  • Undead

Small things to know about Bex. Important traits that makes him real.

Since I don't have any events or anything that explains my character, I want to share some traits about him. Traits makes a person. Give them heart and soul. Traits makes them who they are. Their interests, likes and dislikes. Hopefully this will give you an in-site of how my character is, even though it doesn't explain his story just yet. But this is what to expect if you converse with him. For some of these, I will go into depth of why he was in that position, what he did, or how it changed him. EX: Spent time in a Asylum. I will explain why he was there, what happened when he was there and why it was important enough to change his life.


  • He has one love, and one love only. Stormie. (My real life wife.)
  • He doesn't take to kindly to sexual jokes, insinuations, nor flirtation.
  • Drug addict mom/tortured. (This section is almost done, and needs to be typed up. It is part of his child hood.)
  • No father.
  • Cook
  • Kicked out of Culinary arts program
  • Drug use. Heroin/pain killers/
  • Spent time in a Asylum :(Will have a section written as to why, and what happened on the inside, and how it changed him.)
  • Spent 4 years in jail: (Will have a section written as to why, and what happened on the inside, and how it changed him.)
  • Addiction to tats and piercing
  • Very closed in, shut down.
  • Raped
  • Southern
  • Gamer
  • 5'7
  • Has several hobbies, but main hobby is his love of art and technology. He paints/draws
  • Poker player. He has a passion for poker and attends several tournaments.
  • Hates Horror movies
  • Loves Zombies (hence the fact I'm merging into so many zombie verses)
  • Loves cold weather
  • Loves the sound of rain. It soothes him to sleep and calms him when he is angry.
  • Loves Hot Chocolate with little marshmallows
  • He was sent to several foster homes.
  • Worked part time at a crooked casino, which enabled him in her passion for poker.
  • Drinks too much
  • Marksman
  • Fascination with hand wielded weapons and certain guns.
  • Collects weapons such as Samurai swords, Daggers,crossbows, Bow and arrows, ninja stars, and a lot of other hand wielded weapons.
  • Trained in Kick boxing, trains daily. He also loves to fight. Way too f***ing much.
  • He wants to be in control of every situation he is in, he wants to be top dog. He doesn't follow after anyone.
  • He doesn't take sh*t.
  • He always carries a gun and hand wielded weapon.
  • Writer
  • hacker/computer designer.
  • Sells drugs
  • Pushes everyone away.


These are just some of the traits I have come up with him, that defines who he is. What he is like, what he likes. The small things is what makes a character real. This is not his bio, these are just small things about him, to help you get to know him before I can get my bio up. And just encase I don't include these into my regular bio's, or verse based bio's.


I do hope this helps you understand Bex Denny Sullivan jus\t a little until I can get my bios up. Until I get a good layout, my bio's will be in my blogs. I will label each one. I will also include some of the bios (even if they aren't finished) into story-lines that we discuss. If you have any questions, just ask. This character isn't just some half-assed put together character. I have worked very hard, and I still am. I am putting a lot of effort into him. I would love to write real stories and let people understand that this character is completely original, with a lot of heart and soul into it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm sorry that is a lot. I just wanted you to get an understanding of who Tobi is since I don't have a lot. But a lot is needed to know about him, like his traits and small things about him, which makes him real. I take Tobe very seriously.

I took a lot of time to write this out to try and explain my love for this character and introduce Bex to you. So if you have actually read this, please do drop a comment. You can say anything. I will also post this in a blog, so if this is in the blog, please post a comment as well. I want to make sure that the people I'm writing with are respectful enough to actually read this, as I would for you.

Thank you for your time.

With love.



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Living Dead Girl.


This is better than the usual basic information most layouts come with. More often than not, I want to fill in any sections like HAIR COLOR/EYE COLOR with LOOK AT THE PICTURES.

Posted on Mon Sep 11, 2017, 04:27

Nari Lee


You put me to shame, yet inspired me to really work on my background...


Posted on Sat Aug 19, 2017, 00:06

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