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Country: Libya

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August 02, 2017

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08/12/2017 03:32 PM 


 S  H U J A A
W a r r i o r  || Courageous || H e r o  || Brave

"I am the master of my f a t e: I am the captain of my s o u l."


NAME: Sheva Alomar
c. 1986
BSAA SOA operative (West African branch), agent
5'5" (165 cm)
115 lbs (52 kg)
Sheva is a naturally petite and attractive woman. Her build is slight, but she maintains a toned, curvy feminine figure. She has a flawless caramel complexion, hazel eyes and wavy dark brown/black hair that she often has tied back. She usually wears casual clothing such as a tribal purple tanktop and skin-tight khaki pants that she compliments with tribal jewelry and knee-high brown boots. She has a shoulder arsenal and has a handgun holster on her left thigh. Her ammo is stored on her right thigh and a utility belt is worn around her waist. On her left shoulder, Sheva has a tribal tattoo with the word
"shujaa" in the middle, which means "warrior" or "hero" in Swahili and "brave" or "courageous" in Arabic.
NATIONALITY: South African
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Swahili
FAMILY: None. All known immediate family is believed to be deceased
Taken by Chris Redfield

PERSONALITY: Despite her tragic childhood, Sheva maintains an optimistic demeanor. A strong woman, she possesses an unbreakable will and a stubborn nature. A selfless person, Sheva has a strong moral compass and uses it to assist others in any way possible, even in the face of peril.  She's very closely connected to her African heritage and extremely loyal to those close to her and the BSAA. Strongly despising bioterrorism and social injustice, Sheva's a dedicated individual that willingly and persistently combats such wrongs through her actions and line of work. A brave and courageous woman, she's known to keep her word and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Trustworthy and reliable, but somewhat naive, Sheva aims to make the world a better place even if great risks are needed to be taken.
Her small stature and attractive appearance masks her strength and ability to hold her own. A versatile fighter with extensive experience, Sheva's proficiency with firearms is on par with Chris Redfield, making her a master marksman. With her small and flexible build, she is able to perform maneuvers such as reaching areas most other agents cannot. She's skilled with a knife and hand-to-hand combat. Quick, nimble and acrobatic, Sheva is a formidable martial artist. She also is capable of effectively using a longbow.
Born in 1986, much of Sheva's early life is shrouded in mystery. When she was approximately eight years of age, her parents perished in a mysterious accident at the factory they worked at. Orphaned, Sheva was forced to live with her uncle. With her uncle impoverished and already caring for seven other children, she ran away and never looked back. Starving and alone, she was taken in by a truck driver who had mercy on her. The new parental figure in her life was part of a anti-government guerrilla group, which Sheva eventually joined. It was during her time with the guerrilla group when she learned about her parents' true fate. Their village, especially the factory, was the site of a bio-organic weapon test enacted by the Umbrella Corporation. Her parents were killed in the resulting destruction.

 During her teenage years, Sheva was contacted by an American operative searching for candidates to help stop the corporation from selling bio-organic weapons. Reluctant at first, but driven by her hatred for Umbrella, she cooperated in plotting Umbrella's fall. After bringing Umbrella Corporation to justice, Sheva was offered a better life in return for her service. With the help of a benefactor, she moved to America to begin life anew. She managed to learn English and join a university fairly quickly where she graduated within a couple of years. The American operative she assisted suggested for her to join the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).  Inspired by her personal experience with bioterrorism and looking to seek further justice, Sheva followed his advice. Shortly after excelling in her training, she was selected as an agent. Within a few years, she was chosen as Chris Redfield's next partner while working in the West Africa Branch.

During the events of Resident Evil 5, Sheva replaced Chris Redfield's partner, Jill Valentine. Sent to investigate bio-organic weapon smuggling in Africa, Chris was accompanied by Sheva, who was specifically assigned to work with him to help keep the natives from growing restless in the presence of a foreigner. Chris and Sheva's relationship was initially shaky, due to the close relationship Chris had with Jill. However, as events progressed, Chris began to place more trust in Sheva. Enduring the perilous mission together through the Plaga Type 2- ravaged regions of Africa, the duo bonded as they worked together to survive.
Ending Tricell corporation's Kijuju conspiracy and the Uroboros plot, the duo eventually faced off against the primary mastermind behind the bioterrorism scheme, Albert Wesker. Victorious, the duo ended his life and the threat along with him. Following Wesker's demise, Sheva resumed her work at the West Africa Branch, battling new waves of bioterrorism to this very day.

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