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08/12/2017 12:01 PM 

Let Bodies Hit The Floor
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Immolate had grown impatient. Very impatient. Yet, in truth she knew that it was she who had grown lazy. Very lazy. For any who didn't remember ages long past, she had married and settled down while waiting for Shaelin's return. She wasn't likely to be questioning Shaelin's priorities so Immolate herself had basically thrown herself into married life. Married life was certainly was not without it's many advantages, she thought with a smirk, and she had had ample time to meditate on the teachings of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ryu Tikori, and others who had taken a hand in furthering her education. Immolate was quite different now that she had been ages ago when names such as the Imperial Council of Jedi, Dark Side Warriors, Pheonix Darkside and others had fought countless wars over lines on the Mainstream Galaxy map. Immolate sighed. Did she even want to remember all these things?

Then again there had been memories from some of the best times in her life with some of the best friends she had ever made in her life. But that was a long time ago. 

She stopped to listen for a moment as she could the sound of loud amplifiers being turned on. "Check!!" "Check" Shouting rang out as the sounds of the band turning on their equipment and beginning to warm up. Her Mandalorian husband played and it had become a a nice distraction for her as well. 

Her glance went to the fine paper of a copy of the invitations she had sent out. Her sister Nacirema the Nightsister Queen and her brother Lord Raze The Destroyer both were having birthdays within a fortnight of each other. So it was time for a party.

Immolate began to send a message out through the Force. It was certainly a larger message that she had sent in some time and therefore expected to be a bit rusty as it were. Besides that, many no doubt had been killed off or simply would have no interest in the event. 

"Briikase gote'tuur!" she said specifically to her brother, Darth Raze. Inside, she was hoping to catch him in a receptive mood so she attempted to send a wave of positivity and so-called "good" vibes towards him as well. "Please come, will be fun." Immolate began laughing to herself as she thought of the common saying and how her brother would likely be most skeptical. 

Immolate turned her attention towards her sister. "Nacirema. Put some clothes on and get over here. That man can wait." Immolate also hoped to catch her sister in a good mood, knowing that Naci had probably changed as much as she, since they were by now both likely grandmothers. Immolate herself had found her grandson and was beginning his training, along with his younger sister. In any case, Immolate found herself at the beginning of a new life on this planet and yet wanting to hang on to some of her past. 

Immolate smiled. That was enough for now. Let's see how things progressed and more would possibly be revealed. 

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“My Lady…” The voice was just a soft whisper at the edge of her hearing. 

“My Lady, wake up.” This time the voice was followed with a gentle shake, though no hand touched her.

Nacirema stirred from her sleep, letting out a grumble as she stretched her arms up over her head. She rolled and made the sheets twist around her body. Propping herself up on one elbow holding the sheets to her chest, she eyed the man leaning in the doorway. He wore simple pair of black pants, boots, and shirt she had given him that easily opened in the front. He had clearly been getting dressed when he woke her. 

Naci gave him a wicked grin.

“What? Not going to come back over here yourself, Paladin?” 

He gave her a bemused smile before returning to buttoning his shirt. As he did, he started speaking again.

“You’ve got a busy day and should get an early start.” This was met with a groan, but he ignored her. “Yes, yes, mornings are evil, I know.” He finished with his shirt and brushed his auburn hair back out of his eyes. “Your kaf is ready and breakfast is on the way. Your first meeting is in-”

He cut off with a frown, grey eyes going intense. Every muscle tensed and he seemed to focus elsewhere, but then he looked back at Naci. There was an unspoken accusation there. 

“Someone’s calling you.” 

Nacirema tensed as her bodyguard did. She had promised him long ago she wouldn’t reach out to anyone from her old life. Any time she had, it only brought trouble. She opened her mouth, about to protest.

“Don’t even.” Paladin warned with a growl in his voice. He’d been with her long enough to know what she was going to do. 

She slid out of the bed, letting the sheet fall down behind her. In a flash, she was across the room, draping her arms around his neck. Naci nuzzled up along his chin, feeling the scruff of a beard. When she met his gaze, Paladin just gave her a flat look. He was clearly not impressed with her advance. 

“I promise I’ll behave.” She purred. 

He simply raised an eyebrow and replied, “I’ve heard that before.” He leaned in closer. “And I am not removing the block.”

Nacirema let out a sign. She could hear Immolate’s words in her mind, but it was like it was coming from somewhere far away. It was, in a way. Paladin and her shared a bond. He was the only thing keeping her sane after so long, using his own mind as a filter and keeping the darkness away. While it was inconvenient at times, she didn’t complain. Insanity didn’t suit her well. 

She wasn’t about to give up so easily though. 

One of her fingers came up and stroked his cheek as she made a tsk noise.

“No one said anything about removing it.” She gave him another nuzzle. “You could reply, you know.”

There was a moment of silence while her bodyguard seemed to consider her proposal. Finally, he sighed and pushed her back.

“Fine, but you do things my way, understand?” With a triumphant grin from Nacirema, he closed his eyes and replied back to Immolate.

*This man doesn’t wait and you should be pleased to hear that Lady Sicarius is indeed getting dressed.*

Posted on Sun Aug 13, 2017, 12:11

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