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08/12/2017 02:01 PM 

The Fall

Many of the Tenka clansman were dispatched throughout the third shinobi war. meeting Konoha and Suna shinobi in battle, in fact at least one Tenka member participated in every defeat Iwa dealt. Proving highly effective in combat, and known to be a major reason why Iwa was able to be so offense throughout the war. Although most operations Tenka clansman were deployed with highly classified, usually dealing in the matters of assassination or total destruction.

After the game changing defeat Minato dealt Iwa forces to help turn the tide of the war and the destruction of kanabi bridge, Iwa shinobi only held one final strong hold between the village and both Suna and Konoha. Before peace treaty talks begun, an Alamo battle waged over this strong hold. Konoha and Suna took the outpost only after a long week of fighting, but what they did not know was the horrible last ditch effort plan that was to unfold.

Konoha and Suna occupied the outpost now, taking prisoners and taking care of the injured and dead. amongst the captured were several Tenka clansman, all with the same classified mission given to them directly by the Tsuchikage. One of the gifts Gisei gave the Tenka was a seal, located over the heart of every member. In the form a kanji that only read Toranshensu, Trancendance. When activated it would release all of the Nensho chakra at once, resulting in a blast with different ranges depending on the age of the member; ultimately killing them in turn.

Genin level Tenka would explode with the blast equivalent to a tomahawk cruise missle. A Chunin level Tenka would explode with a blast equivalent to a MOAB. A Jounin level Tenka would explode with a blast equivalent to a Hydrogen bomb. There were two Genin and one Chunin level shinobi amongst the prisoners, all three detonated their Toranshensu. All that was left was waste and carnage. This was all classified and the war suddenly ended in a treaty.


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