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AltaÔr Ibn-La'Ahad

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November 17th, 2017

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August 11, 2017



08/12/2017 12:50 PM 



 1)Relations between two characters should never really be discussed out of character. I know it might sound weird but if a story is to flow as smoothly and accurately as possible setting a restriction like that shouldnít really happen. If that doesnít make sense just ask me and Iíll happily clarify.

 2)  Never under any circumstances should anyone but a characters writer control them. So basically donít control AltaÔr.

 3)Do not force ships. Just please. It shows me what a person is after, and in that case we wonít get along. Now, proposing a possible ship is different than forcing it. I write because I enjoy seeing characters evolve in different situations that could never happen in their default media. A ship might be part of that but it doesnít make or break a great storyline.

 4) Donít expect instant replies. I am a busy person and as a fellow human I hope that can be understood. Itís not asking much.

5)Do not be afraid to propose any ideas. Iím a chill person who is open to a lot of things. I keep an open mind and I encourage other to do the same. Judging and nit picking every little thing is just a waste of time.

6)Please be sure to read everything on my profile before asking questions. If something isnít covered then also donít hesitate to just ask.

7)I am open to historical and modern verses, so if you write a modern character Iím not forcing them into the Third Crusade. That is why I will have an entire blog post dedicated to a modern adaptation of AltaÔr(linked on my profile if you hover over the first picture on the left)

8) So I know this page wasnít a waste of my time, Iíd appreciate it if you could simply comment ďread itĒ or something to let me know. Unlike other writers Iím not forcing it but please do if you will.

~Thank you, 

The Writer


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